Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9 Update

On Friday, we got first 'Popular Place' on SL with 21000 trafic. Thank you very much for Hina and Ely to help the event, Also I couldnt go the party of Van but we got 17000 trafic, its still new record by our history, thank you Van!! Seems to be Lot of new player born the week, But you know beouse of all of us being working hard, so made the number, and Thank you again for all. :D

New Products:
-Cavalier for Furry (Shoes)...Shoes for Furry
-Monk...Asian battle monk style for mens.
-Stripe and Strap...Aranged stripes as punk/goth/bdsm mixed casual.
-Her of the Crypt..Old name is exodus, adjusted bit from old hair. what I used for Mad hair fair.
-Dhampir...Matador looks but goth of this week. Concept from NightWings +Leather Prince.
-Dhampir Skin...Not on new release stand, just want to ghost like hair, 3 lips colors and red eyes includead, also demo. Enhance the detail bit from the skin base.
-Gate Protector...Made from Sora. becouse it has copyright.
-Exodus...New mens hair, based by Sora.
-Monster...New mens shoes, based by Sora.
-Black Mertarnity...Mertarnity clothes by request, made as goth style, and some props for baby includead.
-Suzuran..Regular style kimono but veriation of colors, becouse blue kimono was request, Blue and SKyblue there.
-J-School Desk&Chair... Use for this weekend's event, I guess make it more 8 prims less as furniture, so I will adjust it before sale on Serene Settings.
-Dhampir Unisex Special..Gift for Vivi's friends for wedding.
-Sceptor...Free item for holywood event.
-Rei...Anime cosplay for raffle ball event, black and white there.
-Sora..Made for Hina, since it copyright things so not going to sale, just share with our friend.
-Flame Tounge...New red coat for raffle ball item.


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