Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May 16 Update

New Products:
-Tank & TAO Swim Wear..Regularl Mens Swimwear like surfer with tank top.
-Simple Open Shirts...Mens simple shirts with open wide on breast. For casual anytime.
-Black Widow...Goth taste club wear, lacey underwear includead. Fixed underwear seams and starting exchange.
-Skylla...This weeks goth, Seducer line laced long dress, not open front like everytime. :p But possible to wear as one peace like seducer.
-Bloody Leather Coat...Simple/Trival Red and Blue coat for mens. Alan show me 'devil may cry' game outfits and made it.
-Summer Luv'in..Named by Alan, I wanted to cuted pants for sumer so made top for it.
-TAO Tees...New free tee shirts with landmark and images of shop.
-School Desk...On Serene Settings, used for J school event.
-Tomb...Simple tomb, made for prims & texture practice. .On Serene Setting.
-Taisoufuku..Event give away clothes for J Schoo party. mens and girls version there, I will make sales version form it.

-J School event is success, got 15000 trafics and the SIM made full sometime to wait to get in. And new record for vote number by 21. Thank you Van, Naomi and Ami!
-Raffle Ball event on this Friday, Hina, she is back and working for it.
-Billy Ogopogo and Ashadan is back, so we can ask to DJ if Topaz not available or taste of your event. Cirga is bit busy at this time.
-According by Silious, Succubus club is going to close by finacing issue. Some club starting close... But few of them are starting to open like Playboi club and new Deloy goth club.
-Clothes Exchange Token:Made Token for clothes exchange for 5 of them, to use as event prize. Please let me know if you'd like to use for your event with related our store, Sample is placed on the desk on our office. This one will use for prize of Miss contest what Naomi chan working for,

Shop Update:
-Divinity Division joined as greeter, Mentor is Ami-chan.
-Placed Video System, checking lag right now, if you have any problem, please let me know.
-Sales of last week end.
329+269=598 (May 13/14)
Back to normal number. Simple shirts is sold well, and Armor coat is seling lot again.
1) Simple Open Shirts 21
2) Snake Charmer 20
3) Bloody Leather Coat 18
4) Armor Coat 17
5) Skylla 16
-5 raffle re-saler found in this weekend by customr... Sent IM to all of them to dont sale them. One of guy bought from Xyr Frost and seling it again, and resaler didnt know that, need to be check him... There is lot of variation to sale; 1) Sale as the box directory, 2) Wear clothes and took screen shot on AV themself and use it for the box, 3) Take screen shot of the original box and use it for pic of the new box 4) sale with another outfits on one box as BR set, floating text says contents. On another mall, just saleing regular item as used what the owner bought it (this case is not the problem). So, very hard to find and decision X) If some one help me as 'Raffle ball item Police' please let me know, but I want to tell you such a people are not so friendly, sometime rude me with caps lock, but better to be tone down against them for talk or lose presence of mind for discussion (for first time, second time if they did again, they will got bann for store) so, not easy works...

-Deloy(Goth SIM) offered me free vendor space, placed there.
-Not a blanch but Heaven Abobe Cloud asked us free item for the mall, sent TAO tee to her.

-Illya Gavaskar ask me wall of spa. will improve the texture on this weekend..
-Sporty kimono or Chinease
-New Shoes
-Goth of this week

Sharrow Dream:
-Updated two 44Magnum to 50 Magnum.


Blogger Tori Heart said...

Way to go Miss June, so many things you have been doing lately =)
As for the people reselling Raffle Items... Customers are always reporting them to me. Would you like me to talk to them before you do If Im free? So it frees you up a little? If they dont listen then I send it on to you.
Seeing alot of new people come in still and they all love the store.

Heres something IVe been doing that seems to bring people back. I know Topaz does this too...we all have extra BareRose raffle prises so what I have been doing and Topaz too is when we see someone new come in (Just have to look at profile start date ) Give them one of your extra prises =)
You will be surprised how happy they are and grateful and they want to come back and shop with us =)

9:08 AM  
Blogger June Dion said...

About raffle ball item, Im keep IMing to them. If you can talk to them its very helpfull. X) thank you for your kindness. :) And again, I cant keep this works without you guys, thank you!

3:00 AM  
Blogger bestonline323 said...

I love the look of lacy bras and panties. especially victorias secret and when theyre gothic like.. They make me feel so pretty and sexy. I love the look of a pretty lacy bra peaking out of my blouse just a little bit.


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10:38 PM  
Blogger bestonline323 said...

Seducer line laced long dress sounds amazing... i love laced gothic dresses they have this mystery in them, i love thme.

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10:00 PM  

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