Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 23 Update

As I noticed before, our shop photo on PC Magazine, however its dutch, so cant read, X) but If you like to see, you can find it on our staff room.

New Products:
-Horns and Skulls...Prims horn by request qith color changer. Come with skull necklace/earing.
-Executioner...This weeks goth for mens with prims Shoulder-pad and sword.
-Executioner(Lady )...This weeks goth for girls with prims knee pad and shoulder-pad(added aftter released).
-Lace Kimono...Transparent looks kimono, recomand with ful body tattoo.
-Wa-Cami...Wa is japan, Cami made from japanese kimono material as casual.
-Tiny Prince...Request from Naomi chan, Leather Prince & Cavaler(Shoes) for Tiny, maybe another few clothes for Tiny will coming later.
-Lucky Lapiz...Native american taste necklace, earings, bangles and anklets. Just cant find it on SL so made as my self... Was sendyou guys empty box by bug, but if you need them just ket me know.
-Short Leather (Lady)...Ladys version of Short Leather, added new holes version after released to more balance of whole of clothes.
-Thousand Nights...Arabian night motifed casual wear. 3 color of pants included.
-Samurai Tank..Additional gift for Esprite event.

Shop Update:
-Tori's Blog here! http://toriheart.blogspot.com/ I donno how to make link on side like another blog. X)
-From next patch..** Frame rate is improved when objects that would normally be rendered are hidden from view ** Maybe better to use wall to hide by wall to help lag after the patch.
-Removed Video System/InfoNet to reduce lag, after back like before whole of SL. put there again.

-Raffle event was success, with full people of SIM, thanks Hina :) Euro time one got 25 people around, but still good, Ari and Divinity thank you for help the event!
-Miss contest by club is done, Naomi chan was attend for me and give winner to the token for prize

-New Casual.
-Mens goth kimono.
-Cuffs, Aoife helping for script to work as lockmaster toys.

Serene Settings:
-Return items what not selings by old bug.


Blogger Tori Heart said...

Nice updates and new things this week Miss June :)
The raffle event was very wella ttended and everyone had alot of fun.

11:51 AM  

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