Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May 30 Update

Still busy in RL and SL so sorry for just easy infomations X)

New Products:
-Hime...New flex prims long hair, White hair included so you can change color whatever you like, but make sure you need change hair, bang, and back as same color. Hime is princess in japanese.
-Mystic Samurai...Goth Kimono for mens, flex headband there, As my misstake, headband isnt medifiable, so I will fix it later on the box..
-Dhampir Knight...This weeks goth, for mens. Flex hat and mantle as additional. also color variations.
-Dhampir Knight (Lady)...Ladys version of Dhampir Knight, no color variations but skirt and tattoo included.
-Checked Breezes...Simple flex prims skirt with summer top. Some color variation included and afordable.
-Business Womon...Simple Business suit for lady, Made for Ami chan for first when she do business meeting.
-Victorian Summer...Victorian casual with short sleevs shirts and pants.
-Mother Earth...Ethnic dress with flex ribbon,
-Center Line...Long skirt casual.
-Mesh Leather...New Raffle item.

-Shinobi / Kunoichi, sleave or headpeace for flexprim
-Westurn like flex fringe
-Dancer woth flex prims for arm and legs
-Mens Longhair.
-Raffle ball item.
-New extra raffle ball item.
-Old prims convert to flex.

Shop Update:
-Added big box for west/east wall, becouse after the update, hiding items not considering as there, becouse of it, lag wil reduce more on center and far from another side.
-Raffle ball is moved to more center of the SIM, since the shout is reach to another SIM.
-Pandora joind to our greeter.
-Done before havent telling yet, Naomi chans Gazboo is done at back of the shop.

-I couldnt attend Van's event X) Im sorry was that.
-Raffle event on this week, Hina sat up sign alrady. Will do 2times like before for euro people.
-Ami chan starting talk with Barbie Club to help event for them. Just starting to talk so detail will come later.


Blogger Tori Heart said...

Wow, so many nice things you have created lately June.
I think you are liking the new flexiprims :)
Love all the stuff u are working on.

2:32 AM  

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