Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 14 Update

Sorry for being less infomations X)

New Products:
Since last weekend.
-Sexy West/Wild West...Old fashion cowboy style for boys and girls. Need to be adjust flex fringe for each people I guess, help people please if some one got problem.
-Black Onepie...Goth lori outfits with flex skirt and prims. Maybe match with black top for white trims skirt and so on.
-Chiko...New flex hair based on Asuka from Evengelion. Plug suit it self will give away on raffle trade in this week.
-Goth Plug Suit..Made from the suit, but whole changed at last... Open verson is included. Its gray for tintable if someone ask another color.
-Lady White/Black...Last weeks goth for girls. Flex Fur Mantle would be tintable.
-Sci-fi Lightup Attachment...New free item, very simple thing for used new light function.
-Marine Coat...Army like long coat for mens.

We have 3+1 event in this week.
-Van made barrett event sign for every week, people can know soon what event will going to every saturday. All of events are placed to SL Event manager. Thanks Van! June 17 5:00 PM for starting time for this weeks event.
-B@R is Barbie Club June 16th 9:00PM SLT (3 hour), First combination event with famous club for thier one year anniversary. Ami chan will do host. I will bring Raffle ball with raffle item. Since her target is who dont know B@R becouse of it not announce on store. If I dont mistake(figure out now X) ) we will do Raffle event on 8:00PM - 10:00PM by Hina's Host. Maybe we will sprit two of group to help. I will show up to Barbie while raffle event and place raffle ball there. and back to Raffle event till end, then go to Barbie. Since need to hand item to guest to help Hina, I need to stay B@R and help Hina chan. Anyway use B@R staff chat to call help if something need.
-Raffle Event(June 16th 8:00PM - 10:00PM), Hina chan seems tobe busy on this week but she will do host, I will do host on saturday morning for Euro time (17th 8:00AM - 9:30AM) too. This weeks raffle will going to busy ever. X)
-Planning weekly sunday event by Cigra, Name of the game what he doing in Pheonix spa. Talking with him now. Hina chan will do host.
-July 4th event by Ami chan. Trivia and Icon event, detail on the sign.
-Planning Japanese School and Making clothes education event.
-June 24th, Japanese comunity will do event on Togenkyo SIM, I will go to small help for them.

Shop Update:
-Payment system sat/changed payment to the auto payment system, If any problem there, please let me know. Keep reduce blanch for payment to staff.
-About mantle, thank you for help the update, Tonight, Linden will fix the bug, after that, dont need to update anymore, but I will keep put the v3 mantle on boxies anyway.
-Made Hair/Shoes corner...
-Divinity extend the grerter works one more month.

-Unidform for Ladi's club. Easy one, almost done.
-Asuka, for reffle item by 3-4 of requests. Hina-chan seems to be busy so checked by Ten, she said looks good so wil done X).
-Vamp outfits for mens, as this weeks goth.
-Casual of mens like Polo shirts by request.
-Casual or Club dress with prims skirt.
-Punkish Loinclothe
-Toroi's girls armor by request.
-Sakura-Taisen's hakama by request.

Sharow Dream:
-Top 5 for Places to Relax


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