Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 12 Update

I hope next week could get more free time for SL X)

Shop Update:
-Got 22k trafics on last sanday as new record. This is best trafic as clothes shop as mainly of the day. Ranking 5 as club even. Thank you every one :D
-Vivian Drapperis starting work as assistant also event management for big one.
-Naomi clean up greeter list, thank you. :) and since Zore back to work, she will do leader of greeter program again. might be change about the rule, please tell her if you have advice.
-Tori working for web page to introduce our new release infomation officialy . Thank you for the big help :D
-Divinity Division and Pandora Kamenev considering to ask new job, Helper. its kinda like assistant but close to greeter works.

We have 5 event this week.
-Naomi's Story telling event(Done today), Made Gazebo place to searchable to divided as small land.
-Weekly Van's event on saturday
-Raffle Trade Event, saturday for US time, Sanday for Euro time for this week. Hina will do host for US, Euro for me.
-Name That Game by Cigra on sanday.

-Hawkl's group unifrom.

-Starting resaech for mall what we will starting on new SIM. Zore is geathering some infomations.
-Made Ten's new club's give away item for men/women.


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