Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sep. 8 Update

As noticed here, still busy in real life... So only easy clothes could out.
I think I can not have weekend for a day, but I will do for raffle trade euro, also try make something more complex.

Pneding(A.K.A idea reminder for me):
-Orian Kimono (Planning and keep testing prims part, also got request)
-China casual shirts.
-Black Jump suit (Reply for request, change design from white)
-Paladin (Reply for request as girls Leather Knight will change design)
-Blue Turtan (Reply forrequest, additional for turtan house this time)
-Cake/Cookie tray
-Cyber clothes what hina show me.
-Goth lori / victorian dress
-Free hair for the event.

-Placed Self Learning space, Clothes making and Japanese language this time by request.
Please ask to help if people there.
-We got new staff on last week. We can have few more staff so let me know if you have any recomand people.
New Greeter...Calen Sol (Mentor is June)
New Helpers...Alan Kenzo/Charissa Korvin

-Raffle Trade on Friday and Saturday. Also Crazy Hair event by Van.
-Naomi planning Pirats event on Sep. 19, more detail would be up later.
-Need to talk with Cigra about Name that game event. Might be ask host to some one while Hina busy.

-Club Asheba gave us more huge space.

-Sent donate to Club Shelter.
-Hina making free AO for newbe on Store. It will place on our freebe area with her advertisement. Also Hina addicting game called WOW so hard to meet her now but I can hit her via MSN so please let me know if you have any. :p


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