Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sep. 28 Update

Im sorry bit busy in rl so shop/misc/request infomation only for this week. X)

Shop:-Changed position: Elyssa Tokugawa, change the position to manager from helper.
-New Helper: Griselda Pulford
-New Greeter: Lashek Todriya, Mentor is Naomi.
-Loli Nori rest while SL becouse RL thing, greeter timer for her is stoped till she can back.
-Furnation, most huge furry comunity gave us branch and event spot on October, Ely is the person in charge. She wil keep track it.
-Sunscreen (Goth SIM) offer us a place, will talk them this wekend.
-Offer from a event by a BDSM comunity for donate, will help them.

-Hena Tattoo
-Damaged shirts for wear wolf.
-Roll up shirts-Latex armor,
-Request from Ely, Chop + Camo.
-Timeless bed


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