Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oct 5 Update

We will have first meeting on this weekend, Since some new staff around, Just know each other and what will happen. Hina will announce about the time. But this is not duty for staff, just few more detail for things what not on this blog and if you can come. :)

Some event related work remain some X)...
-Simple Dress, I couldnt tell friend when his wife need one X) but.. its might be not so simple.. still building...
-Pumpkin avator.
-Bone suits for mens.
-Something armor with cyber taste for mens.
-New Shinobi, stil planning design.
-Casual, Layered
-Normal middle age suits for mens
-Hallowin event item for end of month.
-2 new regular outfits for Furnation event.
-raffle special item
-raffle regular item
-Club Arsheba Freebe

-Ranking 10 on last month here;
1. ::: B@R ::: Dark Sentry Lady
2. ::: B@R ::: Dark Sentry
3. ::: B@R ::: Black Nymph
4. ::: B@R ::: Paladin
5. ::: B@R ::: Cavalier (Shoes)
5. ::: B@R ::: Leather Knight
7. ::: B@R ::: White Jump
8. ::: B@R ::: Age of Dragon
9. ::: B@R ::: Gold Heart
10. ::: B@R ::: Ivory Roses
Dark Sentry is sold more then 2 times then Ivory Rose, also about 100 diffarence from ranking 2, possible to be popular ever X) Anyway love to see when couple wearing the clothes each other :)
-Considering hire new Since some German friends around nowadays, keep support the language for them.
-Added radio, Gri(furry event)
-Staff room turn to dressing room, fitting room might be going like that too, and more noticable.

-Placed branch on Furnation Alpha, Blendy BDSM SIM(Limited time), PonyGirl SIM (the jocky outfits only).

-Sunday Furry event, this event gonna be weekly if we can do :)
-2 Raffle trade, we have German infomation now.
-Comic night, I couldnt get the event for freebe, so prize is 1000 each for this time.
-Name that game? will Zore asking to Cigra.


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