Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jan 5 2007 Update

Happy new year! hope its gonna be good year for everyone. One of customer sending me the message from Iraq who is part of US army. I dont say political things here, but hope peace come there soon for people who living with danger. Also Alan going to out this month for army work. We wil miss you while, and a sad news, Gri's father dead by cancer. To go into mourning, we will cancel Furry event what she concern with it, while in this month. Starting with not good news, We cant help them much for RL pain, what we can do is just keep our SL place to be part of enjoyment for them what sometime remind us while they cant come and after back to SL, show them new fun stuff as we can possible.

New Products (from Dec 22):
Syuriken...Mens hair, Based Naruto's charactor, some colors and headbans with it.
Headband...Additional set of headbands.
Bastet/Anubis...Egyptian taste clothes made by request. Bastet is cat looks goddess, and Anubis is jackal looks god in legend of egypt, so some ears and tail with the box. Each tail used for Cat demon so same command could use for it, what missing discription in the box.
Anuket...Anuket is goddess name also, Egyptian + goth lori outfits as original design, got most popular item from last week to today.
Colored Leather...Vash, one of anime charactor like outfits by request and Alan's input.
Buraikan...Original was Shinigami captain by Hina's request. Since hard to make jacket looks good, change the design and combine with some patturn and fire what custmer asked me as request. Buraikan, who is rowdy or tough in japanese.
Army 69...Camo set for Revolt 69 Lady, some pouch and knife (decolation) included.
Arcadia....Princess dress but bit adult mood imaged high part of teen age. Drawers like Skirt include to hide legs. Its might be show up depend on pose, so you can keep leave it.
ZHAO Femal AO...Original AO what out once on Aug. event, since its sequence of pose, cheep price like pose x 10L.
Konparu...First traditional Japanese Kimono for me, use the pink one for Dallian's photo galary of Japan sight/people. Konparu's name is took from Noh player named Konparu Dayu in Edo period. Its not Noh clothes but the sounds and kanji is good for the new year, Kon is Gold and Paru(Haru) is Spring.
FreeEyebrows...New Freebe, since some hair makes gone eyebrows who havent skin, if any one got such a trouble, ask them to use this eyebrows. Since this is skin and another part are alpha, they will re-adjust skin but can keep colors for hair... I guess take a time to for customer with this but Im thinking best solution for looks who havent painted skin.
Leviathan...Wired armror again, Got idea when I was visit asian goods store and see some cute fish dolls, also aquarium in this holiday. A Customer grpup named it as Lobster for another name. so... made a weapon lobster like one.
Trident...Weapon for Leviathan, lobstar trident. Too many items on original box alrady to add, so put it on Lucky Chair item.
White Cat demon...Mens version of white one, Made by request. Hope its was good Xmass gift for him. :)
-Tartan Tartan DakeIce..My original color(There is WaterMelon too though as hiding) Raffle item. I guess no more color for Tartan to get request. :p
-Bowtie...New Items for 10 linden store. 3 colors.
-Spellbound...Goth + Primitive clothes like spell caster. Made skin for face makeup too.
-Chronicle/ Chronicle Dragon.. Chronicle of casual for my design in 2006.
-Gold Arch Angel/Purple Tartan Tartan/Yello Tartan Tartan/Blue Da Punk/Trival Chop/Cross Necklace...Item for Xmass gift to VIP. Since SL problem, some person coudnt get notice... Giving away one form the list who miss the event.
-Leo Arcadia...Arcadia with Leo fur material.

-Goth clothes for this week.
-Ghost in the Shell (like :p) cosplay for raffle event. Almost done. But raffle is next week.
-Mini Konparu.
-Army69 Mens
-Tiger Avator
-Outfit for junior girls taste.
-Bishop Type clothes by request.
-Death type clothes by request.
-New mens long hair by request.
-Prims Shiny Lips. thank you for the idea, Koko :)
-Manicure, pedicure

-Acourding by friend, Our store coming up on ITV(UK) when they showing SL on TV. Glad to heard it :)
-Ami moving to Japan now so cant login while.
-Myke Patton joined to random DJing to our store! Keep looking for another DJ,

-Fashion show by SL Vouge starting from this satruday, 4PM.
-Van's event, Name that Game, just 2 events for this weekend. Since Hina out of town this week, raffle is moved to next week.
-Arshba planning fashion show for us on the ground opning of the mall SIM. Waiting to Ami is back for the event help.


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