Friday, December 08, 2006

Dec. 8 Update

Busy bit this week in rl/sl, so quick infomations her. might be somethingmiss X)

-Working for skin right now its asian looks, but possible to be base foranother type even clothes like body suit to be get shade. Now, giving tofriends and getting advice to be better looks more then before. Becouseof it, old skin is removed from store. Hope people like it after done morethen before :) anyway, still need lot of works.
-Bishop like outfits for fantasy Xmass.
-Furnation Nightclub Tee shirts
-Tartan Tartan Purple by request.
-Angel + Fur by request, Arch Angel was that but not so much at all soneed to be remake...
-Mesh mini skirt by request.
-White mens coat by request.
-Next Raffle clothes.
-Camo Down.
-Cami/babydoll type clothes.
-Free clothes for Sab's SIM (our furry DJ) .
-Yakuza clothes for men.

-New Greeter: Katrin Ulysses / Lorm Ra
-Placed new building West north corner, It going to be body shop what I mention on head to pass people there if my skill is works this time...

-Added 5 regular vendor on our SIM, the area called Fab Five, and will make some sign and icon to notice morefor guest.

-We have gallery next of book store now, For this month and next month, Dalian's photo gallery as special exhibition. Koko is person of charge for here too.

Done for move, becouse of it, harf of script has been moved to new SIM, so main SIM is more then light from before.

-School Girl Event bye naomi as special event. Name That Game, Van's event, and Furry Event. 4 Events for this week.

-Going to setup new branch on Club Arsheba's New SIM again.


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