Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oct 12 Update

Was thank you for coming the meeting :) Infomation are telling on this blog but dont meet each other lot so guess it was good time. We dont have plan for next meeting at this time, but I'd like to do party for staff maybe early of December, becouse the Xmass should be busy in rl, also store we are. :p

-On meeting, We have a issue what we should lead more people to our mall. As this solution, we are starting build L$10 store on Timeless Catsle. The way follow to mall so people wil lstop around I hope. ETA is early of next month, we are starting to build by staff for it.
-Added group hug ring on center.
-Texture share bord, Almost images are logo(if someone need it to make sign and such) and free texture what I made for your building, if you are in BR staff, you can pick up from the bord in staff room. (Remove sometime for lag reduce).

-Exotic dress, almost done, will out soon.
-Katana scar tattoo, alrady done, will place to L$10 Store.
-Ethnic casual for girl.
-Gun holes denim for mens.
-Cyber punk casual.
-Turtan Turtan Pink by request, additional is house :p for first time, but not all of guys have land, would be Yukata type Kimono I will add.
-Blue dragon concern outfits by request.
-Chinese type hair for mens.
-Some Japanese clothes.. and kunoichi, Still no design idea yet.
-Hallowin event stuff X)

-Bone Bike for one of hallowin free item.
-Got offer from Barbi club to make uniform. Waiting to get logo for it.

-Japanese high school rp group offer us vendor, waiting reply.
-A medieval rp group offer us uniform(seling clothes) and vendor, will talk them later on this weekend.

-Van's weekly event, I got planning from her what event schedule till end of this year. Sign made done till november, will work December sign later.
-Ely's Furry event, Furry team done well in script-less world in last week. :) Also made Kitty Demon what only for winner,
-Reminder: We got part of Club Arsheba SIM Grand Opening party, Oct.20st from 5PM to ?, Ami is person in charge.
-Reminder:Furnation Big event, October 21st from 8PM to 10PM, Ely is person in charge.


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