Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nov. 2 Update

All people enjoy the Hallween event, lot of applause I got... but I couldnt attend X) Hope next time, on Xamss :)
Im cought cold, still not so much good, but going to better now, and 3days holiday here, also 3 big announce here.

-Becouse of SIM prices will inclear, I got one more SIM for future from last sales(resavetion was not works X) ). Name is 'Black Cat' (nothing certain mean there, just love black kitty :p) and next east of BR SIM. As planning, Sharrow Dream will move to the SIM and make BR SIM to whole of store/mall first. Then Black Cat SIM going to spa/house place. As one of idea, make BR VIP only sandbox as place for one of restoration to customer. I donno when the SIM will show up, Anyhow, I will set up there slowly this time, so not ETA for compleat, will announce time by time. :)
-We will going to open 10 Linden store in this friday, what all items seling as L$ 10. Yes, kinda like 99 cent shop around. Like RL one, All of kind item should be here, So, keep building and add here or make small item what waste pieces from cutting cloth while making regular one. Main purpose is 1) People lead mall place more, some people complain who has vendor back side of store, to help them. 2) Easy to make additional for regular clothes (However, If the regular clothes has problem or whole of them, We will send person by person what we doing now). 3) Havent see yet (least on me) so think might be fun X). Since not freebe, People will have fun of select. For balancing issue around vendor and regular clothes, keep make them as is part, or small stuff. And if people come here to buy small additional. :)
-We got own stream, send the infomation to all of DJ, if you are staff and intresting to use the stream, please tell me :) For BR Radio(Music and voice infomation for our sotre), will take more time to know around how to do X)

New Products:
-Dragonfly, Mantis...Cyber outfits for women and men, Hina asked me cyber outfits, from game called PSU. Im forget much the design, so refer some cyber, such a gundom... ya lot of diffarent as result X) Mantis on is got design issue, not so much good... and gatherd layer while making, thats mean cant make new colors, so cheep. X)
-Revolt 69/Revolt 69 Lady...Starting from request, what mens version of Tartan Tartan, But very casual looks at all. Lady version is looks slut but I like :p, so if girls dont like, men's version would be work. Lady version is "miss to gather layer"(tm)... so cant make simple version. but shoes and some band added.
-School Girl...For Hina's story line. very simple school girl outfits in Japan. Fixed bag to be same as the box image, also long skirt after the release. Hard to adjust the skirt with the base this time... X)
-White Rose vs. Red Rose...Langerie dress like Langerie AmiAmi line.
-Arsheba White Unifrom...Done for them.
-25 of 10 Linden items. Easy one like tee shirts with diffarent print, color and such. Also Furniture.
-Ziplot..New raffle item for this week, mens.
-THeart...New special raffle item for this week.

-rubber Mini skirt dress. Making now, will out soon.
-Free item for Van/Furry event, cowboy hut would be go this time. for Furry, make it small one what dont cover ears.
-Project with Rumi to make mens shoes
-More 10LS Items. Simple underwear and socks what usefull with another clothes would be add.
-Mini business suit.
-Wolf tooth necklace/earing
-Gold trims winter clothes (fantasy style) by request.
-Huge hand outfits, aslo have request about it, original one working by Haven.
-Tiger or snake skin outfits.
-Goth and Japanese wedding, need some design idea in my mind.
-Regular version of Beast AO by request, done for harf but stopping X)
-Celtic monster, got idea while reading Halloween stories.


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