Friday, November 17, 2006

Nov. 17 Update

Copybot week! X) All of things moved dynamically while Im sleeping and working for rl. While the time, Im faced upon problem another texture copys way while as it realized from a customer, and that is nothing I can protect from it without change my policey. Can't say detail here but its traditional stuff. I can only watch it but nothing can do.

-Elegent Gothic Lolita Graveyard Hotaru...Made for the Naomi's lolita event, Long dress for this season. :) Named by Axeonos who got princess.
-Elegent Gothic Lolita Graveyard Hotaru Tartan...More long name X) Just turtan went fit with it so made as additional.
-Sentry Snake...Result of marriage with goth and snake hide, unisex.
-Lady Snake...Dress version as goth + snake hide.
-Snake Shirts...Free one for raffle trade/regular.
-Dark Sentry / Lady...Goth black coat for winter.
-TenHurly...Sheerd uniform, request from tenshiko, took name from them :)
-Warm Leather Boots...New freebe, Rumi made prims, I made texture for it. Shared with Nagaya, japanese comunity.
-Fullbody Net...The one usualy seling on langerie store for adult. I was tried some time but seams and some shape stuff were problem but got solution and made it by used 3D softwear.
-Brutas...Mens loincloth outfits, got request from hmm 2 month ago or so X) Aoife gave me lockmaster script but due to bug, couldnt put it...
-Benten...Tried to makign kimono...I dont know when it change to fantasy X)
-Maki...Tried to makign kimono again... I dont know when it change to casual X) Couldnt make good color combination well.... so cheep price more then another.
-10LS Mens Model Bodyshape...Customer asked me to sale my mens shape, so adjust face bit and put on there. Hands is bit bigger, becouse not good balance with some outfits with prims. For your infomation, all mens skin from Nomine.
-10LS Mens Hiars...Was Only girls hair on 10LS so added mens hair too.
-Japanese standing light...To made books store deco, 3 lamp bandle.

Small notice here, If person bought my hair without skin, the eyeblow going to be white since using texture hair. I found why almost hair builder using bald based now X) If custoemr ask about it, recomand to get skin or change base hair color please.. I will consider to make 10Linden Skin sometime...

-Lulu, Alan helping prims, and got suggestion to fix after that, done. :)
-Tartan Tartan Brown from elka's rquest.
-Mesh mini skirt by request.
-White mens coat by request.
-Camo Down.
-Cami/babydoll type clothes.
-Free clothes for Sab's SIM (our furry DJ) .
-Free clothes for Van's idea what stuff is match so might be up prize for it. :p
-Yakuza clothes for men.
-Cyber Ninjya/Kunoichi if I can get idea. Yes tried 2 times X)
-Stripe version of Retro Bare like.

APS is available 2 of them on store, left one is original one, right one for staff who become recentry.
-New Helper: Koko Brentano / Caliah Lyon / Angela Gateaux (retry) / Lori Nori / Tatsu Reatequi
-New Greeter: Mama Gaea / Pixie Tungl / Seven Sohmers / Asha Heike / Lolalikes barbarino

We are going to start 24 hour radio station project, what you can see around on SL/internet, We are just estabrish with Billy, and keep sponsoring it. Now renting rl stream via Billy, will get URL soon :) After launch, test running and starting to get another sponsor, Planning to be the station more intrective between listner, and supply some prize we can give people who listen. thats mean people listen each of them house like rl radio. not club purpose it self.

Book store:
-Book store is now open :) hope peopl like the place, Koko Brentano is person in charge. she was hard to work for launch. Thank you very much :) We are keep looking for magazine and back number of them so, please tell Koko if you know one. Since SL is diffarent form RL, vending machine is popular so not looks like rl book store, so, will do something notice to be match with as book store in SL, also I will keep update the place to more confortable for reading.

-Vendor offer from SNS called (Did You Date, LLC's SL property), made them advertise tee and starting give away.
-Vendor offer/Event help from goth mall/club DeathDealerZ, not setup there yet but Ami helped them thir event. Keep talking with them :)
-Vendor offer again from Vampire empire, placed selected goth items there.

UFOnly HQ Joined us on BR island, please welcome our new friend :) Eternalynn, who is designer akrady places lot of 10 Linden items on the store too If we can do something with her like event later :)

-2 Rafflem, Name That Game, Van's event, Furry Event so 5 events week :)
-EGL Graveyard Hotal is result of the Lori event
-About Furnation event, Ely is now famous!


Blogger Loli said...

hi June!! I have suggestion for store... maybe one day you could add lucky letter chair. they are very popular around SL now :) might could be another way to get raffle items!

7:51 PM  
Blogger June Dion said...

Ahh yes have intresting to place it, Just need to be consider how much lag it make, also special item need to make for it. X)Thank you for know me :)

12:29 AM  

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