Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nov. 9 Update

Still waiting Black Cat SIM, And bit busy in RL... so less infomation bit but some news there X)

Book Store project:
-Next new project is book store on B@R SIM :D I dont know a place all magaizine you can read so, I got this idea. Starting building slowly.Aafter done the place, I will asking to publisher to place book. . If you have recomand magazine (no porn but skin catlog like one by designer is good), please let me know. I dont care its just advertise magazine and fashion catlog by another designer. also they can place landmark too :)
-Asking helper for book store as charge of person. If you have intresting to join this project, please let me know :) I promiss you can meet lot of nice editor, photographer, publisher with this job. :)

UFOnly : Eternalynn Calliope:
Still asking, but Eternalynn join us to work togather :) will open her store on Seren or Sharrow dream, looking around it soon and if reopen her store as soon as possible. She will join to 10L store too. :D

10 Linden Store project:
-Added mesn/womens underwear, swimwear, woman hair. Since treebe added skins, and Akira added womens shoes, Also Chroma starting build AV. I guess just need mens hair and mens shoes then parfect! I will try make them in this weekend.

Club Branch Project:
-Talk with Aoife to build club. Just starting to think so I donno what it will going on, but the club will place on main land or another SIM becouse it will going to have adult contents for mainly.

-Never down under 20k trafics, might be they makes trafic becouse they serch around while for put bomb :p To Manager, please restart SIM time by time if you felt lag anytime, but dotn miss announce first, 2min is too short prepare to move X).
-For All Staff, please keep eyes about scam, From View menu, turn on Highlight Transparent and sometime check store, Ginko ATM and ground to find suspect transparent item what cover it.

-B@R Swimwear store is opne on Cocololo island. Rocky, my friend gave me free vendor space, and since its resort, Im selected swimwear and hula girl for sales items. Since not so many swimwear I have, places 10 linden items as exception here. There is very nice place for relax so recomand to visit :)
-Removed branch from Arsheba, As you know, there is getting best trafics on SL, becouse of it, they having problem by heavy lag, and if the action cool donw the SIM bit. :) I swear no offence X)

Pending(My reminder):
-Elegent Gothic Lolita : Graveyard Hotaru, what Axeonos named the dress what give away on Naomi's event, she is princess of the event :) , relese on tonight, This clothes goign to sale but gave away without pink version on Naomi's event but pink was not X) I will ask to Naomi to give them who attend event.
-Free clothes for Sab's SIM (our furry DJ) .
-Tenshiko's transparent uniform X) its very naughty X)
-Free clothes for Van's event.
-Yakuza clothes for mens.
-Cyber Ninjya/Kunoichi if I can get idea.
-Stripe version of Retro Bare like.

-Lori event by naomi, some custoemr told me it was nice event :)
-Van's regular event, Cigra's name that game(made new exclusive outfits called Crimson Pheonix for this month for winner), and Furry event, its new regular 3 :)

"In August, the 20 best-selling Second Life fashion designers generated a combined $140,466 in sales, Linden says." Just I can say, I guess Im not popular so much :p
-Patch Lamington asked me to quote his script, first experience for me :D


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About nine new stores are slated to open this fall in Linden Square development.

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The new businesses join existing tenants at Linden Square, including Fitness for Women, Smatterings, L&M Lock/Boston Decorative Hardware and Linden Store, among several others.

More stores and restaurants, including Roche Bros., Head Games, and Cold Stone Creamery are slated to open next year, Federal Realty Investment Trust said in a release Thursday.

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