Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feb 1 2007 Update

Weekly report, more shorter. X)

New Products for this week:
-Musashi...Japanese / Motifed Musashi Miyamoto, who is famouse katana master who was traveling in medieval Japan.
-Robe of Light Force...Cosplay / Made by request, something like it. Growing poke stick included.
-Japan in Grey/Japan in Pink...Freebe / Event clothes for Dalian/Koko.
-Creepy Shirts...Freebe / For Vans event, Tee shirts version of Soul Eater.
-Rogue Lady...Fantasy / Made By request. Girls version for the Rogue.
-Army 69 Mens...Casual / Mens version of Army 69.
-Forget Me Not...Not so close with the flower, but flashy to be, can not forget by another guys. Inspired by Klimt's picture.
-White Tuxido...Mens regular texuido for wedding. around sleaves are not so much detail with RL one as notice.
-Shinigami Captain...Freebe / For Raffle Trade.
-Sweet Berry... Casual / Sweet Lori dress for the Naomi's event.

-Valentine day event clothes, 2 grand prize, cupid, 2 failed clothes, total 5.
-Valentine day VIP Only Clothes.
-Cigra's Event clothes.
-New Wedding dress, warking for now.
-Black Tuxido by request.
-Fantasy or Goth Outfits for this week.
-Fix SLB box .
-Van's clothes for event.
-Mens Feather hair by request.
-Japanese taste wizzard by request.
-New Stripe socks/gloves to be seams parfect.
-Greece outfits by request.
-Specific furry options.
-New rich langerie.
-Valentine deco for store.
-Outfits for cute girl samurai.
-Neatherland dwarf avator.
-Bishop Type clothes by request.
-Death type clothes by request.
-New mens long hair by request.
-Prims Shiny Lips. thank you for the idea, Koko :)
-manicure, pedicure.

We have Trainee and Assistant titles. Trainee is who become helper without greeter term. Assistant for Senior Helper who close with Manager with special operation.
New Trainee: Lancars Vezina, Terrence Mirrikh
New Greeter: CrimsonWings Eun, Kater Sansome, Ashlei Sinclair

-Expanding Sharrow Dream : When I get time, for relax my self X) since getting 5k Trafics without nothing to do might be people like there, so might be expand with Dance floor comes after of this.
-Dance Floor on Black cat for future event to avoid lag. Im thinking to make it with water stady one.
-Our SIM's server class is BR for 4, BC for 5, asking Linden if we can swap, according by the blog, 4 and 5 not so much diffarence but if I hace chance.
-Almost dance changed to Sine Wave's on Dance Floor, I guess these are nice and realistic ever on SL.
-Some works pending here, I need more time to do thing X) To make shopping easier, Moving event place to Black Cat by suggestion.
-Making Regulartion for Helper. checking on managers right now. Not only rule, also rule for free venor, free land for living, so please check after the relese this note. Wll send via Group notice for staff.
-Still working for change store more better X) also changed mens/girls sign place to more good to see.

-We have... Van's event only I guess. was hard week so take rest well. :)


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