Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jan 19 Update

Weekly report here!
Taking rest to crafting for reflesh, but few thing about and some pending idea here. And some thought for store and idea.

New Products:
-MSkin..Added some more, still keep making some variation now. :)
-Soul Eater...Male/Femal neo goth. Femal one has hidden naughty one... hope people dont care it X)
-Madam Rose...Goth clothes for adult, I will keep make this line
-Babie Rose...Useual casual for girls.
-ShallowDream freebe...Remake gown to be more looks good also swimwear.

Lot of pending.. need more prvate time for make things X)
-MSkin, working minor adjustment especialy eyebrows by request. each other guys told me oposit for it but I will try as two version of it X)
-Mens free skin.
-New 10Linden items.
-Mens version of Army.
-Typeical goth casual, but any unique material with it.
-Feathered Hair, owl like one.
-Trasparent shirts and pants.
-Dalians clothes for event(2 kimono).
-Naomi's clothes for event.
-Van's clothes for event.
-Specific furry options.
-New rich langerie.
-Valentine deco for store.
-Another mens Ronin wear.
-Outfits for cute girl samurai.
-Neatherland dwarf avator.
-Bishop Type clothes by request.
-Death type clothes by request.
-New mens long hair by request.
-Prims Shiny Lips. thank you for the idea, Koko :)
-manicure, pedicure
-Working clothes(Kitchin,Fireman,Police and such) with long term, till done all of exsit in the world.

-Starting rebuild around casual part, as new section Dress and Cosplay for girl, Mense Cosplay section changed to Japanese and male only clothese there. Still working for Girls casual sorting, thank you for help Tori and Koko. :) Koko has coordinate number idea. its very good but it will take time so cant touch soon X).
-Remove some scripts to reduce lag. Scripts of speed in SIM is 2-3ms around after the reset for now. Its less then harf from open BR SIM. But still get some lag more then the day. And its no clue why it happen, for example, Just feel laggy when 50 around people on SIM but sometime cant move with 25 people. But its better now with it.
-Added 2006 valentine items to Lucky Chair.
-Sign added to Mens/Womens sign to show direction.
-Fixed Ogo Radio item giver.
-Furnation ATM doesnt works at this time, put a cover till it works again.

-Havent tell you sales infomation long becouse busy. here is last week's infomation(Jan 8 to Jan 15). (number) is items sold in previous week (Jan 1 to Jan 7). You can know what people like now if s/he ask recomandation :)
15.Anubis 50 (36)
14.EGL Graveyard Hotaru 50 (29)
13.Lady Snake 57 (40)
12.White Lotus 62 (64)
11.Syuriken (Hair) 64 (72)
10.Cavalier 67 (Shoes) (55)
9.Mamdam Rose 69 (Jan 12 Released)
8.Chronicle 76 (56)
7.Konparu 76 (57)
6.Spellbound 77 (69)
5.Spellbound Lady 87 (46)
4.Anuket 91 (95)
3.Love Parade 136 (19)
2.GL Mini Kimono 149 (107)
1.cyber succubus 167 (45)

Ten Linden Items...229
Most Popular Freebe...FSkin Coffee Free, 183

Cavalier is my first shoes to crafted, relesed end of April 2006. Im happy to see still People like it :) But no clothes there such a long running... Age of Dragon is close but around 30-40/weekly now a days so still low then the shoes.

On May 2006, We got 21000 traffic with event(and got fist popular place for us.). On Jan 15 2007, 43800 trafic! (32-34K normaly I guess), new record except special event, but need more then 10000 to get in popular place, Its dubble from the 8 month ago. I know becouse of population inclears. For sales, acording my blog, weekly sales was 650 on Wolof SIM, And for the week, sold 6996, 10 times without freebe for total. Not such a good on previous, and this week estimate so something happen on Jan 15. But I can tell you IM number is.. 3 times I guess X) Not 10 times, Becouse of nice staff here :) Anyway, Trafics are accomplish by you guys, friends, staff and vendors effort, and this sales number is happen becouse of it. Want to say thank you everyday to you guys :)

Anyway I think most top designers are inclear sales more then us (you know our prices, also might be running cost more then them with two land/payment/branches/advertise/upload fee and etc), it should be natural thing for now if it consider with the resident number. One down side, as you can see, stability of grid is more wrong nowadays becouse of it, I guess its might be our roof in while with our SIM's stability for stay without stress for guest and scripts for fun/need and decos. If we can upgrade to upper class of our SIM, I will ask to LL anyway.

Also Store is not to be advertise more then now (if some intresting new media coming, might be use for fun though :p) , but keep make more better service for people who comes store and VIPs. And I will jsut keep effort as my designers work for now with nonprofessional skill in rl as I can be...
-Hina playing evil game WoW all the time now X) so she might be not around while, She starting to make Animation version of Serene Settings (Furniture), You can make own AO there, kinda like DIY. The place for all of staff so, please know me if you like to place there. And still no name and not complete, waiting Hina back X)

-We have... Van's event, Naomi's Story event (tuseday) on store in this week. On next week we have five, so please take rest who dont charged. :)
-For while Ami moving, odoriko helping Arshba's event. They are still building, she show me new club, its big and nice taste more. made new sign with latest clothes for the club and she will place it for us :)

-Im looking for person who can do astrology or something like that, if s/he intersting to place a room for it, please let me know. I will full suppot like free place on store, help advertise, outfits and item also building. I guess hard to find such a people but love to see vertual astrology place as person vs person :) I cna only tell you what is your lucky color of clothes on week :p
-When I got time, going to make Infomation Hab with SLQ infomations on BlackCat SIM... Such stuff takes script speed like 50 to 100 times more then static LM giver so if its too heavy, I will reconsider it. X)
-If some one intresting to help 'Open Design' and 'Open Texture' like SL doing. Its not so open actualy becouse will not open pub so match. :p, but if anyone(or familiar customer/friend) intresting to make optional items for certain clothes, I will give you texture what I used for the outfits, and you can sales them without pay to me, also give you place for sale. So, please let me know if you intresting. First time, Tenoshiko made some necklace for our outfits themad, Now Chroma making some furry options for additonal tail for AV. Something like that. Just want to provide more option for customer for the purpose. As my self, starting for legs Furrys options, its not for all, but if they like it. Keep making some items what placed on corner.
-Try First Look viewer, clothes looks more nice and clean, also can be recognize texture detail and resolution more then before. I think SL will ask you to buy more good computer for near future to reduce lag and higher quality by cliant side. :p Anyway Im just waiting if someone make prim builder clian with good interface/tool.


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