Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jan 25 2007 Update

Weekly report,
Not so much lot of infomation this time :p

New Products for this week:
-Egret and Owl Hair...Made from arch angel wings. So all of hair are featherlike fantasy charactors. Since hard to change texture on this hair, only for white available, but tintable...
-Kasuri Flowers...Kasuri is japaneseikat, used material for wrinkles shirts and repaired denim. Looks like not japanese style as reslut...
-Mote Frill...Frill put around clothes and denim mini skirt. Mote is popuarfrom opposite sex. using for clothes style sometime in Japan.
-Rogue...Fantasy outfits for boys on this week.
-Mens Business...3 colors, New 10 linden items, since SLBuiness gone, might be need change the freebe box. these are replace for while.
-(no name)...Casual Ama Lori (Sweet Lori in english, its cute like princess on) dress for Naomi's Neko Event(Friday) , Winner will give name it and do model for it :)
-Mens Skin...Darker tan and additional for visual skin. White skin changed eyebrows more thinner by request.
-Free Mens Skin...Based Goro, tan skin, with swimwear and tattoo.
-Babydoll...Typical but bit goth mood babydoll.
-Shinigami captain..Raffle item for this week.
-Chroma Jump...Jupmsuit with metaric material, also transparent version.
-Free leather jacket for Metabird SIM.
-Free Jacket for Love's caffe.
-Dress of Sweet...Made from House of Sweet, cake like clothes, to make people smile. :)
-Sommelier...Working clothes line for this week.
-New sign for Van's event.

Done for some pending :D Made some casual so will going to make some fantasy and goth.
-Fix SLB box .
-Mens Ronin wear.
-Van's clothes for event.
-Dalians clothes for event(2 kimono).
-Rogue for lady by request.
-Japanese taste wizzard by request.
-New Stripe socks/gloves to be seams parfect.
-Mens version of Army.
-Greece outfits by request.
-Specific furry options.
-New rich langerie.
-Valentine deco for store.
-Outfits for cute girl samurai.
-Neatherland dwarf avator.
-Bishop Type clothes by request.
-Death type clothes by request.
-New mens long hair by request.
-Prims Shiny Lips. thank you for the idea, Koko :)
-manicure, pedicure.

-Still working for change store more better X) also changed mens/girls sign place to more good to see.
-Going to hire some staff and DJs. Arshadan is joined but not fixed the time for play, will fix later.
-Got market researching report by Market Truths If you have any infomation want to knwo concerns with our store, please let me know. and I got sure I m not good for business. :p (Since they are seling these infomation so can not post here) But some intresting infomation there so good to bought it :). As infomation open on public, we got ranking 8 for favorit store by women in SL. Yay!
-Removed the voting statin becouse of the report :p and reduce lag slightly.

-We have... Van's event, Naomi's Story event (tuseday), Naomi's Neko Event, 2 Raffle, and Japan in Gray/Pink. So 6 event on this week.
-Mixy offer us fashion show for the new club, detail still not decided yet.
-Angel Ogopogo going to open new club, donate some clothes for it.


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