Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feb 15 2007 Update

Now done for Club Fishbone(but will keep tweak to be looks cute), and Naomi'sfriday's event is grand opening for it, and SD Private Beach as gift toall VIP/Staff. Also Skins. Enjoy :)

New Peoducts:
-Aztech Beach...Swim wear used Aztech pattarn, Will try mexican dress later...
-Colored Denim/Colored Leather...Idea from Chantal. Simple denim pants with some colors what we havent on store. Japanese taste patturn on it.
-Maid Type B...Simple maid clothes, type A is not flex and pale colors, deep, dark color for this time and flex skirt to be possible to use for any of cafe.
-Madam Kokuryu...Madam Line with Dragon swiling clothes, kokuryu is black dragon, becouse the color.
-Kokuryu Tattoo...Made from madam dragon, tintable and pale one included to match for her/his skin.
-MSkin Vday...Valentines gift for mens VIP, Visual one for based with black hart tattoo. Today only.
-FSkin VDay... Valentines gift for womens VIP, Chocolate brown make up.Today only. MilkCoffee based, and enhanced detail to be close with anotherskin maker. I will keep fix back, hands, foots and such to wear it every day and see around, So, It will take long, end of Aprilto May is my target since I have time to change whole of skins, As My planning,customer who had alrady our skin, excchange by free. Also price will notto be change or under 200.
-J Uniform Punk(Not named yet)..Naomi's event clothes, tartan + j uniform + punk. Skirt and design bit messes, keep adjusting till the day...
-Simple Angel...Clothes for Feb 17 event
-Purple Tuxido...Mens grand prize for Feb 17 event.
-GL Hart mini kimono...Clothes for Feb 17 event
-Hart Jacket...Clothes for Feb 17 event
-Hart Shirts?...Clothes for Feb 17 event, but I forget what I made alrady X).
-MSkin Visual Natural...New MSkin makeup, Also all of Visual skin has nowshaved edition by request(Not send to manager).
-Flurry...Mens Long hair like lion.

-Goth or Cyber for this week. On our store voting, still both of them are strong.
-Mexican Casual.
-Low Rise Leather pants.
-Camo hawtpants by request.
-Ponygirl outfits by request.
-Womans hair, short bob what I cant find around...
-Black Tuxido by request.
-Fix SLB box .
-Van's clothes for event.
-Greece outfits by request.
-Dutch Dress by request.
-Mexican womans dress.
-Specific furry options.
-New rich langerie.
-Free langerie.
-Outfits for cute girl samurai.
-Neatherland dwarf avator.
-Bishop Type clothes by request.
-Prims Shiny Lips. thank you for the idea, Koko :)
-manicure, pedicure(this will pending till nex skin relese at all)

-Made some demo hair for old products. Not all of them but keep updatetill done for all of them. Some of my hair are unique so hope people enjoywith demo too :)
-Fixed finger tips for Robe of Lightforce, its modifiable so please tell people to edit

finger tips by them self X)
-New Helper...Trainee...Chantal Fleury / Krissy Mesmer / Abbie Abismo
-New Greeter...Dimitri Redgrave
-We will getting euro language supporter since lot of new customer of there.
-Speak with Torley to get infomation about charity concern what we coudnton last Xmass. Hope we can do something on this year. :)

Fishborn Club:
-To avoid lag on store, few event move on this place. I guess the decorationlevel is alrady enough but some part are bad design. keep update the place.

New Casual Store:
-Some customer dont like lag on store, so will place another small storeon black cat what just placed 50 around selected casual. Hope they likeit :). Might be make special clothes like seling separate color there likeanother store since got few request. No ETA for this project, when I gotfree 4-5 hours...

-Naomi's Story Telling(Done in Tuseday), Naomi's J School(Friday), andValentine's event to Saturday (5-6 event combine through the day).


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