Friday, February 09, 2007

Feb 9 2007 Update

Just products infomation and reminder for this week X) I will gonna busy for crafting this weekend too becouse we have big event on next weekend.

Also Just products infomation and reminder for this week X) I will gonnabusy for crafting this weekend too becouse we have big event on next weekend.

We have two big projects going for now.

Tori working for model group, since lot of people ask me to be model. But on my time zone and limitation time everyday(I can only login 1-2 hours on weekday..), hard to ask them, so Tori will help for person who want to try model, Now she working for grouping,

Also we will have 'BareRose Crafting/Building Technique Exhcange' on end of this month, to enhance skill each other on staff, vendor and VIP Sometime we are doing infomation exchange between staff, jsut spread it to falks this time. For person who intersting busilding, If s/he going to establish big business from BR, and for person who want to make her/his looks more sexy, minimum skill will much help such a adjust flex skirt.First stage is the BR sandbox, and now second stage here. Detail comes later :) If you can help to teach for buidling. clothmaking, animation, script and business, please let me know. Also we have some europian people on VIP group, So need person who can help language too. :)

New Peoducts:
-Carmilla/Nosferutu...New Goth+BDSM clothes, Carmilla has some variation.
-Dhalia....Simple dress with flex prims.
-Weekend Pass...Uniform like Casual
-TSL Dress...10L Dress fro new player.
-TSL Business Suit...10L Business suit for men, for new business man player.
-Valentine day VIP Only Clothes...You can find on Sandbox
-New Wedding dress, warking for now..Cygnus, also made mensversion, Black Cygnus
-Japanese taste wizzard by request/-Death type clothes by request....Gathered them and to be Grim Reaper while making X)
-Valentine deco for store....Cookes!
-Black Hart Anuket...New Regular Raffle item.
-Raffle Trade Event Item...Done but we havent event this week, hope we can do next week...

-Mexican Casual.
-Low Rise Leather pants.
-New 'Madam' line.
-New detailed skin, starting test from this weekend, I donno when I relesed anyway, will take long testing lot this time. after relese it I will exchange from old one for who bought it alrady, :)
-Additional skin for mens Visual, some requests for the skin.
-Valentine day event clothes, 2 grand prize, cupid, 2 failed clothes, total 5..
-Black Tuxido by request.
-Naomi's event clothes.
-New Dance Floor on black cat. Made based as Aqua themaed, but possible to remove all of them if I got more good idea. X)
-Fix SLB box .
-Van's clothes for event.
-Mens Feather hair by request.
-New Stripe socks/gloves to be seams parfect.
-Greece outfits by request.
-Specific furry options.
-New rich langerie.
-Outfits for cute girl samurai.
-Neatherland dwarf avator.
-Bishop Type clothes by request.
-Prims Shiny Lips. thank you for the idea, Koko :)
-manicure, pedicure.


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