Thursday, April 12, 2007

April 12 2007 Update

Im bit busy on this week, But keep going to every day's works on SL :) anyway, few infomation to know you guys.

We will have 'Basic Buidling School' after Euro Raffle Trade event as I mention before on this blog, small one for this time since starting for our Staff (Will ask on VIP chat if some one intresting at the time too) . I will tell you How to make hair and How to make flex skirt, I will have hair/clothes texture to use for your products. basic one with some tips. Please come down to VIP sand box after the event :)

Now, we have new DJ, JAVIER Granada from spain, he will do euro time show on weekday, Also Twilight, from euro too, We will gonna have more euro speaking staff to help since some customer now a days.

Also testing new APS, possible to 40 capacity so after done it, we will have up to 80 emplyee with two APS. But since keep grid problem happen, stoping till fixed it.

Made Relay of Life outfits (Silk like one to be unique, but femal or femboy only) to gave away, sent to Zorena and Eros team. If you have intresting to have copy to use, please let me know, as my self, alrady donate to HQ and few to people who has sign on our store.

As last news, Alan went to iraq and he will not back long... There is still not safe, and Im so anxious about him. When you see the poster of him on store, please pray for his safe and end of the war soon if you remaind it. Hope we can have party before Xmass when he back from there...


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