Friday, February 23, 2007

Feb 23 2007 Update

I want to say thank you to all who came to the event. Since used 2 SIMs,lag was low as possible, and not big trouble around except happen on insideX). I guess over 60k trafic to total for both, it was same with grand openingon last year. It was crash every one hour, but just needed gently restartthis time.

We are starting customer model group. Since I cant login core time of US, Tori helping me organize model group for our customer who asked me to do model. She wil pick up person to be model of clothes each week, and take photo for it to use advertisemnet box. This is one of way to make customer enjoy more, so, dont taking professional model or dont ask to model group in SL. She will ask to staff too if she think match with the outfits, so Please ask her to join if you have intresting it. :)

New Peoducts:
-Black Cat Hair...New Hear with new texture, made with complex way to be less flicker of invisible prims, So, can not make any other color. but short and long included.
-Eyes...New eyes set real-cel style. since some people using big eyes but small iris so.. it might be good even regular use. it was bit scary X) Hope more better looks with it. :)
-Gakou (Boy) Delinquent...Japanese uniform + Punk, result of the J-School Confidential event.
-Noble of the Dusk...Mens goth, like young vampire prince.
-Exile..New goth pank, typical style but some detail and lace mini skirt / flex belt, like young city vamp girl.
-Hot Army...Casual, Camo hotpants/miniskirt can be changable.(Relese on tomorow)
-Free Langerie..Lace part used BR logo when you see it close enough. :p
-FREE AO...Hina has Free AO but as additional for selection to newbe. Femal/Male included in a box.

-Mens Assasin.
-Mens Ninjya.
-Mens fetish kimono.
-Black Cat Tail hair (2 version of updo)
-Simple Goth Lori Shoes.
-Low Rise Leather pants.
-Final Fantasy's solder like outfits for the roleplay SIM by request. No refer images so donno.
-Ponygirl outfits by request
-Black Tuxido by request.
-Fix SLB box .
-Van's clothes for event.
-Greece outfits by request.
-Dutch Dress by request.
-Mexican womans dress.
-Specific furry options.
-New rich langerie.
-Free Shape, Free Shoes and Free hair to complete freebe for newbe. going tomake more to be selective as freebe.
-More Free Skin.
-Outfits for cute girl samurai.
-Neatherland dwarf avator.
-Bishop Type clothes by request.
-Prims Shiny Lips. thank you for the idea, Koko :)
-manicure, pedicure(this will pending till nex skin relese at all)
-AIWL Project: the iIdea to make costume of Alice's charactors as goth+japanese style. SL is kinda like mad tea-party for me. After done, make book with clothes pics.

-Van's Event and Naomi's Stroy telling. Vivi joined to weekly DJ from this week.
-Vivi starting to planning big event on next month. More short time one

-Done to make demo hair for all of set.
-Stoped to hireing, since APS is full, one more APS mean more lag X) I will reconsider staff list of use this weekend.

New Casual Store:
-No time to touch it yet...


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