Thursday, April 19, 2007

April 19 Update


-New female skin: working for now, all done for texture of them, still need upload and make sign, done for 3 of them. You can see them on our staff room as working on progress :) All demo skin has unique color of langerie for thank to testing. bit early to relese but have some works still so If I can relese this skin in this weekend. As I told you alrady, old skin will remove, 2 weeks or so, while this term, I will exchange to old skin to new skin. Since 150 around skin I will make, the house will expand the size. Still not so much like another skin maker and no sex there becouse of Japan not allows, price will going 180, bit expensive more then current one since took long time to done. As my thinking, ask to Asheba or firend's strip club for demo as event, sounds fun? :p

-School of Building for staff: Becouse of the grid problem John got trouble while the school, so we will do again 7AM Saturday, hope you guys enjoy the crafting. :)

-Starting works for the german comapny, done for mens top and pants, need some prims shoes too, I will gonan works for it this weekend.

-Club Asheba offer us to build BR area around TP point, will need some new texture works, something like much with there.-Renew music stream for 3 month.

-Going to attend Clothing Fairr, I donno I can put new item there but I will go for it X) need to be set up on this weekend. Its 250 prims they allows, will use Branch building for display.

So.. less new relese except skin this week X)


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