Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aug. 24 Update

Thank you for the event!

We got 66k trafic for the day, and it is 2nd place of the day. Could not beat Ice but we are hottest place by series of fun event. All of event want to attend as my self becouse the content, but could not keep open my eyes so sorry X) Again, thank you very much to Vivi who planning the event from one month before and keep gather all of things, and all of staff to hosting, and helping guest. Honestly to say, All of power made the event success not only attend the event, also being help too store.

There is no meeting for reviewing, all guys did well, and on me, apologize too less infomation about what diffarent from special raffle ball items, raffle trade items and event only items.
And hope we can do fun things next time too. :)

-Ami Kawabata back to the work, welcome back Ami chan :)
-Placed underground passage, you can enter from noth edge, or spa, Another meeting room for staff and meditation room. Not good place as meeting but if Red stature will rebuild and replace on store instead of two stature on store when I got time.
-Shuriken on Ninjta outfits turn to full prarmission by bug, Asked to Linden for fix, but it doesnt yet, they are working for it, so please to be carefull and keep it mind to check products on our SIM. If you intresting for more detail. please tell me your email address to send you.

-Few our clothes on the video. :D
Second Life: Get One
Best-of-Show Second LifeR 2006 Movie Trailer

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Aug 8 Update

starting prepare for the Aug. 19 event. Since I got summer holiday from early of next week, I will make prize / new clothes for release on the day. Also sign of event. Vivian working hard for it, so detail will come soon.

Store Update:
-We got 26K trafics as new record, becouse of two event. Thank you very much!
-Ryyan Susenkois joined to our staff, He will working for dancer and bouncer. If you find people with weapon and shooting around, please tell him to help, Since almost staff are weman, He will help us as strong man for against them,
-Adjusted some lagged item till grid fix the problem as it self.
-Added video system in DJ booth, all of Bare Rose group member possible to change it.
-Radio moved to DJ booth, only manager and dancer can change the station,
-Added new dance system to sync dance and such,

-Naomi's Story telling on tuseday.
-Van's Hawaiian, Pe Lee(Who is in our mall) discout us her 15 of Ukurere to give away.
-Cigra's Name That Game, he is seems to be busy so I donno it is going the day.
-Barbie Club offer us to help thier event on saturday, Hina will going to the club for presenter.
-Ten's club moved once more, keep help her and make new sign for her.

-Zore removed vendor who dont place items yet and ask to people who waiting, Acording to Zore, 19 people are waiting to place vendor now for the mall. more vendor calls more lag, becouse of it, no plan to add new vendor space yet...

Sharrow Dream:
-Minor fixes.
-New sunburn mat added for beach.

Living Space:
Made mini catsle for Chroma/ Bodhi (pending) and Odoriko / Kristie. If you want to living with 2 people, I will place the catsle there so let me know. I guess one more place we can have there. The catsle will go as one of prize for special raffle item on Aug 19 and sale after the event.