Monday, January 30, 2006

Jan 31 Update

New Products:
-Deamon Hunter -Long coat, bit kids comic hero like. It used dainasore hide for material, to be looks like made from deamons hide. red and black version on it.
-Halter-Open back halter, what I mention as Kintaro cami as japanese. :p
-Night Rider- New raffle ball item as mens. made from free jacket on Van's event and gecko raider pants. top and pants only.-underwear for Loranna, I will gather them with any other casual outfits.

Shop Update:
-Making shop infomation note card right now. Im thinking special apply as jobin our shop for new player. detail wil coming later.
-Vendor offer from rosalyn Giles.

-Bristhday gift for our VIP (from Erotica Strangelove)
-Van Helsing outfits, request from Zore or wolf cake for Lance's birthday, still talking about it.
-Harf Cat.-Still continue to works for Alex..

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Jan 30 Update

-Thank you for Van, was good event, we got 5000 extra trafics the day. :)
- Zore planning Lance's birthday party on Feb 6. Its close to Ami-chan7s event but this is Birthday party, so, This is special as I thinking. And what ask you guys your birthday. :) More detail will come from her.
- Ami chan's event - Placed on Linden event page:
B/R Slip and Kaze will coming early of the week, so, hold on please. :)

New Products:
-Plate Armor - Boys version of the Leatehr Armor, same variation of girls one but no open version there, black version made as dark blue instead of complete black, maybe boys like the color...
-Royal Armor - Mens versin of the Armor. I think this is these 3 armors is finished while for fantasy outfits request.
-Anthem - Wedding dress from Dru's request. Tintable like Ageha so you can change it to any colors. Dress prims are blinking, click on then off, again then on.
-Low Rise - Casual, made for me. :p 3 color of pants, 5 colors of top, and a pantie.
-Cheer Girl -Request form Aoife and anoher customer, aslo sophie and some japanese made succor stadium. 3 cololors combination. Tried to the design to uniqe as I can but keep cheer girl looking. Pom pon is brinling, but looks bad X) so assking to Dru if she can make particle one.
-Trival tattoo for sophie, since with her name on it, exclusive for her.
-Leather goth jacket - Mede for Van's event. I will make free clothes from the jacket.
-Wolf fur chair -Lace Wings going to free, so made quick it to replace the place.-Small customization on Yakuza girl tattoo for Alex.
-No under hair skin for Aoife/Kel, its too naughty! X) So, I will dont sale.
Store update:
-Removed some items considering not so used to keep lower the lag (See lag issu part).

-New Dance machine! Becouse no wan noticed about old ball. And on new one, you can select dance. almost dance is uniqe and nice one, still some space for replace so let me know if you have nice dance or cheer girls motion. Also Mobile phone motion (usefull when you go away/busy) and karate motion there. whould be fun. :p

-Kissing booth, for V-day! I will change the sign later :)

-Becouse of busy about the solved lag issue and some of things, couldnt touch for fitting room.. I think make more easy one first like currentry one...

Sharrow Dream:
-Some customer asked me sale Raffle ball items,,, Yes, we have close looks item but they still want them. so, im changed the term to 300sec for the ball on Sharrow Dream and there is not so many people all the time. Tell them if they have complain about that and I dont like brake the rule...

Lag issue:

Emmanuelle LaFollett, who living next of our shop asked me remove our object what source of lag. I got 'Lag Finder(Seling on SL Exchange as L$10)' she recomand to me, and checked, then all most item with script are cause by lag... Its is not fun without scripts, but remove them as I can possible.I think its the problem cause Linden, but need to remove lag as we can possible.
Aoife has low lag script for tip jar, please ask her if you can replace, and any advice are welcome to redeuce it. :)

Also Aoife gave me Item list which item is souce of lag on the SIM, 3 Items was ours, removed 2 of them but 1 is left there. Its Ginko ATM. Im talked with GF Ambassador about that. His replay is like this:

GF Ambassador:Our ATMs don't cause any kinda of Sim or client lag, as the only script it runs is through our servers and only when someone uses the ATM.

I have kept all of chat log with another GF people, I will send you if you have intresting.
Another 2 lag generater on Emmanuelle place, She seems to be dont like to remove it but she said she will talk to script maker who made that.
Anyway lets keep our SIM good. :)

-Demon skin or wolf fur long coat.
-Pink/Red underwear like low rise, from Loranna.
-Another casual. Kintarou Cami ( I donno how to say in english, open back widely)
-Dark Elf Queen (Heavy Metal looks)
-Gypsy (without vale, if luck of my skill X) )
-Open back dress.
-Get order about full metal alchemist, tell him about Metal arm and intoroduce Lauren Canetti for him..
-Got order about Evengelion suit, tell her some one seling it...

-Angel Ogopogo, her club is open (Club Valkiryer), They are using our clothes for sign. :)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Jan 27 Update

New Products:

-Leather Armor-Fantasy outfits becouse the result of the poll.

-Leather armor for mens, also mens version of the Armor.
-Cheer girl, got request from another customer.
-Wedding Dress request from Druidess. Goth got poll this time. So something goth like dress for it.
- post-apoc/western(Gun Smith line), request from Abrah Sullivan and Kitty Pertwee.

-Got offer for Ninjya mask for fully, pass to Chrom.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jan 25 Update

Event Support:

I will support your event if you have planning on store or spa, to make fun for our customer and our self. :) here is what I can do for you..

-Give you additional payment for the management.. 1000 is good enough I think.

-Make special clothes to give away, another color version of any clothes alrady out is good to me. :p

-I will pay for prize and DJ payment if you need. but not so much please. X)

-Change time of the item raffle ball for event.

-Lend you Contest Wizard.

-Change layout for store while the event.

-Add to event list and make sign for you to place on our store.

Any of our staff can do, and please to do :D If your friend want to lend our place, just ask me. But one event per one week please as you can possible, becouse we have lot of club owner/person as customer and friends, so, not so good to do of events lot to take some people from them, I think just a event for a week would be good term. And please dont care if I can attend or not. Becouse guest is first for us, tailor is supporting work anytime, main actor is guest who wear our clothes. :) And I will give you copiable clothes for the event if I cant attend. Please leave here comments if you have any idea, Oh, and tell me if your birthday is come close. :)

New Products:

-Full Body Cat Suit- hurly's request. Its skin, becouse full head mask on it. So, can not change the cosme on face... 3 colors bundle.

-Kung Fu Girl -Tizzy's request. Red and blue color, and short sleaves version of the Kung fu fighting.

-Trans Version of Crystal Angel - not to sale on store, maybe put on catsle with skins. Harf trans of the wings are looks good (you can modify it on normal wings to transparent version)... but naughty for body bit. :p


Vannesh has event on this weekend on our store!


-Sign for Van's event.

-Sign for Hina(She dont like the photo, I know its sometime happen :p) and Ely on spa.

-Customize for Asian skin for Aoife.

-Kelindra's request, Asian skin + Crystal angel.


-Another Armor

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jan 24 Update

New Product:

-Gecko Raider-black leather outfits with patched skirt. was not pending list, becouse I got idea soon. when I starting to make clothes. X) I found rider is right for spelling after done all of works, but seems to be raider is works for the outftis and gecko too.. no?


-Harf transparency Crystal Angel, reqest from Kelindra.

-Rider suit for girl by customers request.

-About order from Itsuware Kawabata(Ninjya girl), pass to Lauren Canetti for the work.


-Linden Lab. gave me additional few money more, becouse they miss to caliculate for the award.

-Moving Skins (free one included) to the catsle, becouse Im thinking bit shame for me to sale for everyone. :p You can tell them to got to catsle to buy them still if anyone ask, and I will remove skin sign for cradfiled note too, and the making fitting room more comfortable, I will make the space on next of spa, or new sky box.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Jan 23 Update

New Products:
-Crystal Angel -Outfits with prims wings and blink script on it. Made from illustlation what request from Bodhi's friend. Bit diffarent from original but she seems to be happy, so would be ok. :p Bottom pantie shape is Kelindra mention me before, if my understanding is right. X) White and red on it, but you can change tint for the outfits though.
-High Legs Bikini - Simple Bikini, Original request from Aspen, Rikku outfits from Final fantasy. She just need the bikini shape and skirt, Im ade them regular looks one. White one possible to tintable, so she can make yellow version from it. 5 colors and 2 skirts bundle.
-Loincloth -Made by request from flurry boys, 5 variation of mens cloth, skirt type.
-School Blazer Boy/Girl - Simple Clothes for student, Made for give away on Japanese school event. Most of time was spend on the emblem to make it...
-Quick Draw -Ami chans request, from Burst Angel?, cowboys cap added later.... hmm still need practice to cap making though.
-Simple Boxer - Boxer top and bottom for Druid's request.

-Latex full body suit(Skin) for hurly, give her and Aoife to check. I will make white version by her asked and open version, also mask part texture. I will make some sort of mask type texture / full body cyborg(french doll or barbie+cyborg for girl Im thinking) / Harf Animal when I got additional ideas for them eiather.
-Black/Red Slit / Kaze for Ami-chans event give away. I said soon to make but wait bit till Feb please X)
-Request from Itsuware Kawabata.
-Girls colored Kang fu fighting especialy red, request from Tizzy.
-BDSM armor for slave, request from SmiplySimon.-Infomation tower for shop it self.

-catsuits legs / fin texture for VampireErotica.
-box photo / Wolf fur texture for Zore.-School swimwear under altanation for naomi chan, my be this will become life thema for me about making under pants.
-About another Shinigami, Alna keeping try to make them. I will backed out of the outfits.

Shop Update:
-3 Vendors added, Ash Katana, Chroma's furries clothes and Treebee's hair. All of people are friend of B@R as you guys know. :) becouse of it, changed shop bit. Kelindra will join for the party soon.
-Clothes list -Made by Hina. thank you. She will keep update for us.
-Poll - Clothes request poll, I will check sometime. I think forget to Add Lori X) I will check if I can add.-B@R VIP group members are now over 100 people for number! its keep going up, tank you for keep invite and intrest with it. :)
-Renew for classified, 50 one for selected.

Sharrow Dream:
-New Staff for the spa, sophie and Vannesh. Ely will add the member. You can get detail for the spa from infomation tower, so please check there.
-Keep update for the looks, still working till satisfied for me. :p
-Renew for classified, 50 one for selected.

-New Blanch - Rainbow Tiger Mall by customers request.
-New Blanch - Bloody21by customers request.
-Droped Blanch once from Paradise 69 they gona changed the mall.
-Added Items to Doloy mall.
-Added Items to Treebees mall.
-Getting offer from one of escort club.

My Diary:
-Love to flying around whole of SIMs around to find new things, meet to new friends around, Tried first gambling on SL, won 3times of the money. yay! but its scary if we have gambring machine on our shop. Owner doing gambling too with player 7/24, so, no rest time for them!
-Japanese school has success, many of people coming to learn japanese from sophie with one hour supplementary lesson! arigatou gozaimasita!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Jan 20 Update

New Product:
-Tied Kitty- Made by request, the request was only for ear and tail, but made as outfits. Not sent to staff becouse I went sleep X) I will send you guys as soon as possible when I got time.

-Boxer outfits for girl (Druid)
-Marmeid (VampireErotica)
-Xha's request

Sharrow Dream:
-sophie /Van are now work as massagist, also Hina and me. If you have intresting to work there, please let me know. Place photo and online indicate and guest will Im you for work, Its Tips base. Send you detail for explain to all of staff later.

Shop update:
-Place japanese school poster, sophie will do teacher this time. posted to forum / event list also.
-Place to sophie's party at roppongi club.

Thats it for today, Happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jan 19 Update

I cought a cold X(.

New Outfits:

-Sister Zora -Goth and sister style outfits, High Slip is based. cap and pose for pray included. Zora is no mean there. Just put for sounds. Pose and cap included.

-Simple cat suit -Simple version of cat suit with new texture, onr of experimentation for new outfits.

-Father Magna -Feather style outfits, Pose, cap hammer are included.

-Kang Fu Fighting -Made by request, simple kang fu suit.

-Quick Draw -Cowgirl, request from Ami chan, asking her take shot, or give away on her event(or anyother Black/Read outfits from old or new?), waiting for her answer. Anyway made 2 caps for latest but I can not make good looking cowboy cap. if some one can help it...-BR 512-Casual top and pants, from old store what I miss to placed. Forget outftis box name so remaked it, and sale cheep like 15.


- Sign for Celestial Designs(Hina)

- Ami chan's event poster

- Camo top, from old clothes, on freebee.

Shop Update:

-Hina making all of outfits list, soon to be come!

Shallow Dream:

-Show on Find menu.-Teleporter has open.

-Added Raffle ball, Free gown, BR towel, Naomi-chan's gift.

-Changed texture for floor.


-Ami chan's event outfits (placed to top preference when I got her rqeust)

-Formal school outfits for japanese school (2nd preference, its filled another ruquest for customer)

-kitty slave.

-Bodhi's request.

-Hooded witch (test making).

-Need add more stuff to Droly vendor by owners request.

Pending Event:

-Japanese School, talking with sophie right for teacher. Linden starting to help education event, so, if you planning sort of that event, please use shop or spa, I or Hina will change layout for you.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Jan 16 Update


-We have not to much time to do that, so no event this time, Im sorry. X) But Ami chan's event going, so, please help her if she need also I will. :) After she got DJ, she will fixed all of infomation. And Im starting looking for how to make Gift Certification card for our shop, people ask me frequently, and good to give away on event since they can select item what they like.

-Japanese School on this weekend (lot of people asked me too...) , How to read Katakana for this time, 1 hour event. I
will do teacher, but asking to sophie right now.

New Products:

- Killer Bunny - Made for me to go horror event by sophie. Re-think original name of black bunny and added hands &
foots prims.

- J School Swimwear - One-Piece type Swimwear with some color variations. Hmm to much open hips I guess. X)

- Asian Skin Whit/Asian Skin Tan/White Goth Skin/Darkelf Skin - Replace for old skins what I mention before. Used fully new texture, and adjust as I can possible, but still not good like other :p. All skins has cheeks (as cosmetic) and 3 variation of lip color or tattoo. Also Demo version available for each skins like another. Old Skins are going to freebe now except white and tan (I will add them later). Free upgrade to who bought old skins.

- Rain Coat - Transparent coat, from pending project. 5 color jackets and 2 color unders. I think good with long pants as casual.

- Mens Boxer - Ashadan asked me mens thong and he made as his self, but I think we need male underwear too as

- High Slip - Leather looks High Slipe dress for raffle ball.

Clothes Update:

- Black Bunny - Two request I got, without stocking version and black collar version, all of them changed and puted on box, no sign for update becouse too minor and not so much people need it in my opinion.

Shop Update:

- Placed notice sigh to get list for the raffle ball.

- Jewelry shop guy who living is same SIM asked us put sign. Done.

- Moved spa on roof to new place. Teleporter still not changes though.

- Ami chan puted money raffle ball.

Request and To do:

- Request: Cowgirl, request from Ami chan.

- Request: BR version of Fantasy outfits, game called ragnarock(?)

- Request: BR version of Villian in Final Fantasty Advent Children (Drakneir Yellowknife)

- Add 1968(Dainichi Nyorai) to the bonji tattoo note becouse lacked, also whatall of the god keeping.

- Sign for Celestial Designs(Hina)

My Projects:

- Pixie

- One Pieae swimwear

Shallow Dream:

- Got extra land ins Wolof and making spa/massage area. I will put sign and teleporter after done the works.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Jan 13 Update

New Products:
-Black Bunny - Goth? bunny Girl outfits with ears and tail, or if you havent, cant see as bunny. X) Used template from night wings. I maid jacket but its does not cover inner legs so, doesnt work for this outfits...
-One piece - Simple goth lori like one piece. Match for young girl shape who havent big boob, Just for one of more selection for simple outfits, and what I want. X) Transparent slightly breast part and bottom of the skirt, white and black. Since shirts can modify so, you can remove the ribbon on neck, anc replace to the choker thats updated.

Clothes Update:
-Choker -Made choker with cross (twinkle script on it) version, and puted on the box, also changed the image. Match with the one piece.

Shop Update:
Placed Roppongi club event poster for today. I might be make quick clothes becouse the event if I have time and idea tonight...

Pending Idea:-Gun hole

Ok, Happy weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jan 12 Update

Shop Update:
-We won one of Developer Incentive Award for December 2005!Thank you for every one, I got some money form linden, I will pay back as payment to you our staff for help( who isnt not take payment, I will send you money anyway on this saturday) , and Zore's computer has broeken, so I will give her another to help for fix it. To thanks for our customer, (yes, this is our main purpose!) we will have party on 20/21 on this month. So, I will make give away clothes on this weekend and starting announce with contents.

-Ami chan having party on Feb 11. Best black clothes contest on our store. (Please correct me if I mistaken X) ) Please help her if she need help, Im ready to help to make give away clothes if she need. :)

-Starting to make some V-day gift from end of this month. no idea at this time, something with heart symbol, but people make smile. :)

-One peace dress-Cheer girl- Request by Aoife, need testing to make fluffy things on hands (how do I say?) by particles.
-Rain coat
-Formal school wear in japan (request from a customer)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

JAN 11 Update

No new outfits!

Minor Update:
-Made jacket version of Night Wings for testing, its coverd bottom thong. More possiblity for combination of outfits I guess, this will good combination with catsuit like Chakra. I will make the jacket when I made this sort of outfits. Not so much big things, so just put in the box and do not put update, but if some one ask me, I will send them.

Shop Update:
-Naomi-chan is now Senior Assistant, She can invite to group for vendor and such.
-Lacey will take rest to come SL. She can come back works anytime when she can.
-Skins are removed from shop. Here is long story, customer gave me free skin to me yesterday, and I noticed that was skin what I seling X) lol! Yes, I was seling copiable version, becouse I made the skin when I starting SL, so, did not know how the check box are works. X) So, I dont like to make people disapointment, who bought them, so, remove them once.
I made new skins template last year what not out to shop, its from high resolution anatomy images (cost me $100 :p). Need adjust bit though... I wil make asian based Whitex2/Gothx2/Tanx2/Yellowx2/Darkelfx2, and demo skin for each kind of skin if I have time. Old skins will gonna freebee area, and give to update who bought old skin from us to new one. My skin is not so good I know, but this plan's main purpose is support for customersr who is being us. Anyway, I cant touch the images till Im alone in house. :p so, not so soon to be done.

So, time line is..:
1. Remove Skins from shop (done).
2. Make 10 skins.
3. All skins out to shop at once. I will not put front of the shop, just put the purple room without notice.
4. Make a free skin box and put old skins and place to free area. And prim with notice(free upgrade for skins) will be place to free area and skin room.
Any comments are welcome. :)

Branch Store:
-Doley mall starting re-build, so remove the items once and place again on this friday. They are gave me free period for rent, and duble of space, duble of prims. :D

-One of Doley SIM's owner asked me if some one who can running the club as owner. Its goth style, They are thinking just leave the place, so need to be someone who can management. If some of your friend intrest about it, I wil introduce him. And If you working on BR, and like to start the business, I will willing to help you as business partner!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

JAN 10 Update

New Outfits:
-Night Wings -Standerd goth vampire outfits with wings. Also made high legs outfits template for feature (It was heard part....but got some possiblity).
- Cyborg Legs Pants -Pants for Metal Arms, unisex. I made pants and under version but also catsuit pants with chrome high lights.
- Gun Smith - Mad-max+Western+Anime logo thats what customer give me keywords... this is my answer, but Im still curious about how should I did...
-Wolf Arms - Another customer's keywords, Wold+Native american, this is my answer.. Fur arms with indian outfits.
-Goth Nurse - Goth style nurse was on the list, set as red crosses and black crosses.-Lori Dolly - Lori outfits with 4 colors of dress by request.
-Baby Goth Dolly - Lori Dolly for kids AVs(my first attempt) with cat printed and drawers. My cat, not so cute & evil. X)

-Medical Eyepatch - New eyepatch, but medical one for goth lori style.
-Wolf cub doll -First made dolls for practice, but 42 prims... two colors.
-Cyborg eye - Made for parcile practice, but faild so, sleeping in my inventory...

Free Items:
-Shi - Simple charactor tattoo for back. made by request.
-Two Cami - moved to free items area.

Outfits Update:
-Lori Dolly - 2 requests got for full white lori, puted on the box.
-Goth Wings -Made White version for tintable, on box.
-Fix the box name for Chrono storm and Matrx
i-ALl of skins are prices down to harf.
-Camo pants (Raffle ball item) possible to buy by another from who won it, fixed.

Store Update:
-Ginko ATM - By request from customer, placed ginko ATM front of the shop with infonet like infomation center. You can make account easily.
-Raffle Ball Prize List - Click the panel on the ball, you can get the list for current.-Teleporter - Did not works well, changed script.
-Dance Floor - Keep changing to be good more.
-Fixed spam from pose sale vendor.
-Places Fireflies on spa.
-Hina places her friend sign and made simple board for back of them.

-Update - Spa/Bed/Chair

Pending Projects:
-Mens thong from Ashadan.-Simple india monk
-Geta and Warazi (Lot of people asking us...)
-Harf Dragon(Prims, particle, leave for fashion show)

Pending Plan:
-Club Repubric offer us free vendor place, and Fashion show for grand opening event. Hmm I will talk with them anyway. Zore seems to be god heavy sickness X( or busy (this is best) so if some one can management about this, please let me know.

Other infomation:
-MTV good AV contest starting the registration, ask Ami for detail or check on web, I hope some one won with BR clothes. :D Since I am a tailor, secondry role, so, just send cheer for you guys. :)

Friday, January 06, 2006

Jan 6 Update

No blog update till next monday but our shop!

New Outfits:
-Orchis - Made from faild vampire kimono, white and black version there, with orchis points on neck and hips. gonna cheep like 50 but got good models so looks better now. :p
-Chisui hime - for raffle ball. Its faild one what I mention... Chi is Blood, Sui is suck, Hime is princess. easy mean, becouse its japanese style, use japanese to avoid to get imagine euro vampire looks. To who know japanese well, Kyu-ketsu-ki is normaly to say, but use Chinese‚Äźderived pronunciation like this, its turn to be more poetic phrasing and dont give image the traditional vampire to Japanese either, since we have japanese customer too...
-Kanji Yukata - not out on shop. Made for Kei, Repub-rik club. copy gives away to them, they offer it for advertisement on radio ( 2 station ) on live and sign to place there. B/W as tintable becouse they need lot color.

-Goth narse got more priolity by Amber.
-Goth lori outfits. Accelo Skye.
-More detail comes for the mad-max outfits.
-Camo tops. Maybe another color version of the Bomb camo.

-Question, We need partition for vendor place for staff? dont care as my self, and you can decorate more good for your taste. :)
-Kami might be need put her dress for seling again, please help her when she ask you guys.

Branch Shop:
-Friend know me my 2nd shop ( I sat up there before I got own land) on shamrock mall has old clothes, clean up them and put new things there since 60days remain for rental. Yes, Im forget about the shop and lost landmark till yesterday. X) So.. can not add more branch becouse my memories limitation.

-Done to contract with Dreamland Radio for 3 month, asked them to discount for long term contract then come true. :D Thank you Billy. Dont blame me.. just fun to listen the ad. on voice for me. :p

-Ami&Naomi gonna do party for there house warming party.
-Vivi's Birthday Party.

To do:
Need to check Queen V for grey and blue one. if I cant recover, remove the color from the box..

Happy weekend. :D

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jan 5 Update

New Outfits:
-201 Type1 -Revealing jeans outfits. made this one while making vampire kimono becouse got idea... but the kimono failed to make at last, so, I told her Im gave up at this time and make one when I got nice idea... Anyway, the kimono will add some my idea on it and sale cheep or put on raffle ball. As additional, the pants on clothes are bit broken on inside of the thigh. I was trying to fix but still not so much good, its seems to be depend on body shape for each other. Fixed version on the box alrady, and sent to all customer who bought, but not sent to staff, so please tell me if you need...

Uniform Yukata for club what owned by Kei Somme.

Oiran 2, (Prims, keep this idea for fashion show)
Silpheed, (Prims, keep this idea for sashion show)
Shinigami 3, Hina's request.
Shinigami girl.
Alchana Wedding dress.
Iron Chef (Prims)
Killer Bunny Girl (Prims)

Jan 3 Update

Lot of requests done, but got some new requests....Since my holiday is finished, gonna slow down to do things, andI hope come to not so busy days again..

New Outfits:
-Winter School - School girl outfits for winter. shirts included for regular summer wear.
-Commando - Got idea from starwars, spec o duster. long camo coat with bikini.
-Camo Pants - For Raffle ball, 6 colors on it.
-Banded Skull - Customer ask me more BDSM clothes, made this one for it. if you dont wear underwear, gonna be bondagelooks. unisex one.
-Lingerie Dress - Some customer ask us only lingerie part as I heard, they need only lingerie but while making, added some parts like ami-ami, hmm..... Lingerie with skirt like ami-ami, with long sleaves and short sleaves version. Color for white and black.
-Satin Doll - Satin material skirts with corset. Trans version incude on it. Made for a customer who gonna get job for model for additional to her profile, but I could not meet her while, so made bikini for her next of this.
-Micro Bikini A - One of customer tell me we just have a swimwear... made two set as additional for it. Basic swimwear with basic color, shirts/pants version there for tattoo. Black, White, Black/White and Trans version. Tintable.
-Micro Bikini B - Check, Camo, and Blue (indigo victorian) pattern for A. to much variation there, so, separated from A.
-Bonji full body Tattoo - 8 gods bonji with full body tattoo, it is specify by born years. Please check note around the box for more detail. Chakra with bonji tattoo aditional on it for mens or who need only tattoo.
-Metal Arms - Request from customer, for cyberpunk outfits like cyborg arm with coat. Metal arms for underwear, shirts, and jackets, so, you can play around the combination. And please note, can not make 'right arm only' one since clothes template not allows, but if I can make prims...I will try sometimes with the texture.

New Furniture:
-Cage Japanese Style - Original animation(to practice) with small cage. Aoife, Thank you for the script.

New Animation/Pose:
-Free gift pose moved to free zone with vendor.

Old Clothes Update:
-Bloody tuxedo: Shirts shows red part on breast, this problem has been fixed.