Monday, July 31, 2006

About Aug 19

Ok next mission is Agu 19 event, our grand opening and 1 year birthday.
Vivianne Draper will do general event manager for the day, so, please contact her if you have suggestion or something.

We have following event on the day:
-Raffle Trade for US/Euro time
-Van's event
-Name That Game
-Naomi's StoryTelling
-Japanese School
-Clothes making School
-Photo contest
-Scavenger Hunt

Vivi working for detail and scheduling. more will come later

Aug 1 Update

We have moved, thank you!
Here is status and discription of the SIM at this time. Lot of problem around still and keep fixing X) so please tell me if you found any problem even small.

Dream Catcher:
Cross looking tower at end of the mall, give us power from noth. As geomancy called Fusui in japan, its holy direction, offering for it.

Main Store:
Same is old but there will more categorized. With Fusui, South West is best for door, but since symetric, south would be the place. As New from before, two fitting room as skybox for mens and womens. We have new staff bord too.

Vendors mall and Serene Settings:
As you know done for building, Zore manage for it for all of vendors.

Sharrow Dream:
As same as before, but beach, I will keep modify. The spa included Gazebo, and Skybox/Lovers Space (from cave)

Morning Tree:
As same as before, but leaves. if it could be good meditaion pad for everyone.

Timelsss Castle (club red is old name):
Where North East corner. first floor for private club, second floor is living space and tea room. the living space as temporality for

Vryl Valkyrie, who is my friend and new musician of BR. This type catsle is easy to fit any speace, so if you want to live who is in

the beach, please let me know. :) AlsoTimeless Tea Room that low prims version will make as free item on give away to Aug 19.


Staff Room:
There will same as before, nothing to do, just skybox there. just move old stuff there so easy to done I guess. Thank you Hina for build. New staff room will posible to access from back side of dance floor.

West Beach:
Living space for staff, buidling is up to you who living or ask me :)

Lovers Rock:
Its place for lovers, just made base. keep building on east beach. :)

Lovers Space:
Old skybox, possible to access from cave in Sharrow Dream. Changed space more comfortable to stay.

Monday, July 24, 2006

July 24 Update

New Products:
Working for new SIm so not much things release... it will continue till moved. X)

-White Onepi...Oen peace with flex skirt, 3 variations.
-Kyoko...Regular layerd casual in japan for raffle item.
-Age of Dragon...Mens latex like long coat with flex prims.
-Ruri...Flex sexy kimono with 4 colors combination.
-Night Fire...This weeks goth for girls, Girl version of Black Fire. open version included.
-Barbarian...Mens version of Barbarian Lady.


We have 5 event this week.
-Naomi's Story telling event on tuseday.
-Raffle Trade Event, Friday for US time, Saturday for Euro time. Hina will do host for US, me for Euro.
-Weekly Van's event on saturday, please prepare formal dress. :) Give away item is nice dress shoes from Akira Design, She donate them as free for us! Thank you very much AKira! Only 15 available but fist for guest, please ask to Van for after the event to get it. :)
-Name That Game by Cigra on sanday.
Lets enjoy the party!

-Live Musician concert by Vryl and her friends on BareRose...Planning as monthly event. More infomation will come later :)

-Green Fallen Star added to box.

Store Update:
-Kristie Murakami is join as our dancer.
-Talking about it bit on here but let you know Divinity Division is join as out Helper. No answer from Pandora Kamenev right now.
-To Managers: About greeter program, Stop the program till moved to new SIM to avoid confuse, please keep it your mind... After moved, you can take interview.


Currently, Im asking to help Hinamori and Zorena to building, And I want to keep Wolof store by another manager and staff as important works since we can stay there much now. But feel free to come new SIM to see whats going on. :) As I notcied before, its take while so need more time for building.

Almost done for basic building arrangement, starting to make building, decoration now, and take week or more.
I will make living place for my own but might be gonna private club.

When done to made and get the day to move, I will notice on store to tell people we will move with LM givver. But Sharrow Dream is exception, will move completly before shop moved. When we move to new SIM, we will done all of decorate and just move all of clothes there. The store will remain few days with sign for move. So please starting clean up your items or lot of item will auto return without notice sin the place will starting to sale. This will happen around early of Aug.

To who has tip Jar on our place, Ask to Hinamori for new tip jar and sign. I will place it more noticable for people.


-Regular amd Free mall
On the new SIM, we have new job called Mall Manager, Zorena and Naomi will do the work who help the mall. We have regular vendor what take money like 150/week, and free spot as same as wolof. Zorena made rule / note card so ask her if you like to see. Resavation and place items is starting alrady. 10 Regular vendor and 12 free vendor we have but prety sure going to full before open to pubric...

-Staff mall
Spot what staff place itmes to sale as free. Ask to Zorena or Naomi for rule and spot.

Anyway, auto return vendors will happen around early of Aug.


We have spot for living space who dont have premium account, Chroma, Bodhi, Sorako and Vai? is living on Wolof right now but if you have intersting, please let me know. To people who living on Wolof, you can move ot new SIM now. Please ask to Hinamori for the place, there is beach side so you will love there :) you can use old house what you living, or I will make house like house what match with beach so you can exchange if you like. :) Also you guys want to live as company, I will make bigger house if you give me time so let me know. :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

BR Island

Our island is available now :D
I want to say thank you to all.
I never thought I got SIM when I starting store,
Living The Second life with making outfits what I want wear,
but the plan is changed big. I donno this is final step of us,
but I hope this is begining of something fun more, and I will keep try my best.
Again, thank you very much! and I will keep work hard till grand opning!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July 18 Update

News here, we got SIM finaly :) I will starting to decorate slowly with spend one month,
But I will try to release least 4 clothrs for every week.

So, New SIM opening event and B@R one year birthday event is Aug. 19 for plan.

New Products:
-V-Stripe...Colorfull halter casual with hot pants.
-Fallen Star...Goth + fantasy, a rmor type suit with flex vail.
-Death Dealer...Mens version of Osaka 2069 but heavy metal looks.
-Battle Robe...Mens Flex robe.
-GL Dress...Goth lori dress with flex skirt and variations of tops.
-Yoruichi...Special Raffle trade item.
-Summer Dragon...Regular Raffle item.

-Flex/Color changer Mafler for Golden Fung by request, free update for customer.
-Osaka 2069 jacket what fixed seems. Ask to Tori and Hina to get them. I found problem on side of body X) but the problem was line on arms.
-Yellow Osaka 2069 by request, not included on box, and it going to be special version for less confuse since I just update it, but if any of you guys need.
-Deleted White Ouendan skirt and Blue Ouendan shirts. It was made by request but people asking me full set of them sometime.

Shop Update:
-Odoriko is join as our dancer (Also Kristie and Ryyan joined to B@R group as SWG friends, to learn building on our property). They are my one of old friend from SWG and care me lot. She is friend of Aoife and Seiren by chance on MXO, so some of them know her I guess. And she was one of best dancer, in other words, she has nice conversation skill with people.

-Got 22k what our best on saturday and sanday, thank you very much. :)
-For this week, weekly event by Naomi(Story Teling), Van(Thema Event) and Hina(Name That Game).

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 12 Update

I hope next week could get more free time for SL X)

Shop Update:
-Got 22k trafics on last sanday as new record. This is best trafic as clothes shop as mainly of the day. Ranking 5 as club even. Thank you every one :D
-Vivian Drapperis starting work as assistant also event management for big one.
-Naomi clean up greeter list, thank you. :) and since Zore back to work, she will do leader of greeter program again. might be change about the rule, please tell her if you have advice.
-Tori working for web page to introduce our new release infomation officialy . Thank you for the big help :D
-Divinity Division and Pandora Kamenev considering to ask new job, Helper. its kinda like assistant but close to greeter works.

We have 5 event this week.
-Naomi's Story telling event(Done today), Made Gazebo place to searchable to divided as small land.
-Weekly Van's event on saturday
-Raffle Trade Event, saturday for US time, Sanday for Euro time for this week. Hina will do host for US, Euro for me.
-Name That Game by Cigra on sanday.

-Hawkl's group unifrom.

-Starting resaech for mall what we will starting on new SIM. Zore is geathering some infomations.
-Made Ten's new club's give away item for men/women.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

July 6 Update

Ok Easy update since still busy, maybe 2-3 weeks still cant update well so sorry...

Store Update:
-Zorena Deckard back to manager work from long rest. Welcome back Zore. :)
-Vivian Drapper, one of old friend join to our staff as Event manager, diffarent from Van, she will do event what need to long prepare like a month. :) Starting talk with her.
-Nicole Childs joined to our greeter.
-Removed few items for reduce lag.

-For this weekend, We have Uniform party by Van!

Hina got sneak interview here :p (SL Handbook)