Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sep. 28 Update

Im sorry bit busy in rl so shop/misc/request infomation only for this week. X)

Shop:-Changed position: Elyssa Tokugawa, change the position to manager from helper.
-New Helper: Griselda Pulford
-New Greeter: Lashek Todriya, Mentor is Naomi.
-Loli Nori rest while SL becouse RL thing, greeter timer for her is stoped till she can back.
-Furnation, most huge furry comunity gave us branch and event spot on October, Ely is the person in charge. She wil keep track it.
-Sunscreen (Goth SIM) offer us a place, will talk them this wekend.
-Offer from a event by a BDSM comunity for donate, will help them.

-Hena Tattoo
-Damaged shirts for wear wolf.
-Roll up shirts-Latex armor,
-Request from Ely, Chop + Camo.
-Timeless bed

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

SL to RL

I donno how they do that X) but You can make your Av to rl doll!

Sep. 20 Update

Thank you for my birthday party :) was suprised and I dont think preparing that, so sorry for log in on bad time :p Anyway, appreciate it and enjoy the time!!!

RL is going to calm down but more busy on SL nowadasy, like 5-10 IM's open and talk with people on peak... so If I miss or slow to reply, Im sorry X)

New Products:
-Asian Furniture...My friend working on his SIM, what asian resort. Made them while helping him. Living set with bed and plant, also few goods. Fun to make furniture now. :p
-Asian Fruit Tray...Just for people make laugh! Becouse of Bits and Bob's ball installed, price is high this time, can not sale the less then the regular animation price.
-Living Coat...New mens for this week as fun clothes.
-J...Mens, not much to say, mod's suits from the musician, becouse the movie. :p
-Black Jump..From the request, made as new as goth type.
-Web Lingerie..Title says so X) looks easy, but tried to make from a line of silk thread image like make clothes in rl. Was fun to try :)
-Gyoshin...Fron the request, Gyosin is take from japanese proverb, 'gyoshin areba suisin', We using fish and water concern but as english, 'You scrach my back, I scrach yours'. Yes. the tattoo on back!
-Golden Heart...I guess I was making chain armor... but the clothes as result X) Made it to be like wearing full body necklace.
-Blue Tartan...Blue version of Tartan Tartan, set with 204 blue.
-Pheonix Lovers...Simple top and white pants, with new way to make texture for me. THe pants is bit sheer like rl white pants, so be carefull to wear dark uneder. :p
-Paw tie shirts for Furry...Free items for Van.
-Pirats Boy/Girl...Freebe for Naomi's event, becouse of SL bug, pegleg cant attached... X)
-Missing Texture...New fun free clothes + instruction for how to fix broken clothes.

Since SL Bug, cant make attachment now... will wait on some itmes what need for it.
-Request from Ely, Chop + Camo.
-Something sexy one, I donno how I can say, chop with one peace leo... possible to be mens outfits later.
-Starting to make autumn clothes, I will keep make one for a week if I can till november.
-Latex armor, as girls version of the Leather Knight after fix the prims ploblem.
-New Anime clothes...For raffle trade as special, a kimono was thinking for it but hard to make them right now, so might be change to another.
-Living Shirts...New free item for raffle trade as regular item, mens goth shirts base is done.
-Couple Asian Bed...Almost done, but still not good as design, especial canopy. Keep try to make
-Timeless bed. Alrady made and placed on the skybox, becouse of it, match with sexgen system.

Store Update:
-The Twin Guardian...Beleave or not, they can shoot bloody laser from the eye behind of the blindfold to people who attaking us and turn them to ash soon. :p Not so much hard core seculty system but fun! thank you Ayame for the custom script!
-Neroku gave me the nice japanese harp what he made for B-day gift, place it around, thank you :D
-Havent tell you guys sales report long, so sorry X) but as you guys know, latest release are best for sale. Age of Dragon is still good to sale, so if guy ask us to recomandation as mens, please show it with Cav shoes, still seling good.
Sales report on last weekend(Sep 16 to 17):
Black Nymph/Gold Heart 34
Dark Sentry Lady 28
Living Coat/Paladin 25
Dark Sentry 21
Black Jump 20
Age of Dragon 17
Total 1171 Items without freebe/raffle, around harf of the total is unique customer from data everytime, so around 500 uniqe customer visit to our store and buy something without freebe on this weekend.
-On next month, we will over a hundred thousand clothes out on SL as record without free/raffle. As negative thinking, people dont like to wear same clothes with another, so would not be continue long term such a number.It is depend on design, but I will keep try to make clothes friendly to wear with another clothes even if it by another designer for against the problem. But its make me scary enough. X)
-Selection of B@R is past 500 last week :D. I hope I can make clothes till 1000.

Serene Settings:
-Placed furniture to see looks and try.

-Done interview from SL Business magazine, If my english/story was ok, can see it new fature issue, or not X) I wanted intoroduce all of manager, but was'nt fix the time so sorry who did not online at the time.
-Petra, my friend interview to me too for her blog :) She is japanese but there is english page too:

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sep 14 Update

Stil busy, wake up on 7AM and back to home close to 0AM this week...and, today is down time for server X) But keep tring to make some itmes.

New Products:
-Tamayura...Neo-Kimono set for much with the oiran hair by request. Tribal and Fire are 2 people noticed me old clothes are open too much for back, so reply the answer with this. Please tell people dont wear clothes skirt with prims skirt, but recomand to wear with some pants or stocking would be match.
-Paladin..Mens armor, thank you for Alan for design help, but yes, prims hate me X). So the price made as 99.
-Black Nymph...While making leather night for girl, its transformed lot, and.. hmm the looks result. got idea to use sheer wings to skirt so changed the concept.

Some idea but havent time to do... but will working for them.
-Full body chain mail (Full body stocking + fantasy. Ladies, based texture part are done)
-Black fung or Scale coat for mens for this week.
-Timeless bed.
-Pirate outfits for Sep, 19 event by Naomi, would be work for this weekend with some variations
-One of japanese singer like outfits from Tori's request.
-Koi Fish Tattoo (from request)
-And some requests remain from last week still...
-Free items for weekly event by Van.
-One of RL Company outfits, Made prototype from Air Rider. waiting to reply for she asked her boss to allows use the logo.
-Free outfits for Furnation event, the event is happen on next month, so low priolity at this time.

-3 of greeters joined us :D, Caliah Lyon / Lori Nori. The APS starting broken by too much people on list, so deleted some people not showing much on SL without notice. If they come back and curious about that, please send them to me.
-One of customer ask me to the old cage dragon places on store again, will looking for check the place on SIM...
-Our greeter, Calen Sol suggest me to change mens(possible to womens too) fitting room more nice, If you have any idea, please let me know, Maybe confortable room is nice instead of simple skybox.

-jayjay talamsca is join as our DJ!
-Deacon's DJ time is shift to every Satruday 8PM to 11PM. and he got married! yayyy congrat! Also He suggest me about tip jar system, Zore looking for it.

Added new bed and gifts from friends.

-Van's event for today.

-Got offer to make our website, Tori looking for the project.
-Got offerd to donate for TUI NEOphytes School. Zore and Hina looking for it.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

‘missing from database’

I got some message from customer about ‘missing from database’ when they wear clothes.
Here is answer from Linden on the offical blog, Please tell them if you got questin about that:

Re: ‘missing from database’Thursday, September 7th, 2006 by Kelly LindenTags : none
If you are still getting ‘missing from database’ error when trying to pull things out of your inventory ….

Please do the following asap:1) Right click on the item in your inventory2) Choose ‘Copy Asset UUID’ if it is available.3) Paste that ID into an email to with the subject “Missing Asset”.

Please include as many UUIDs as you want in a single email, don’t send a separate email for each ID.

If you can not copy the asset ID, then include the full path and name of the inventory item, for example:My Inventory/Clothing/Cool-outfit/Cool-outfit body.


Sep. 8 Update

As noticed here, still busy in real life... So only easy clothes could out.
I think I can not have weekend for a day, but I will do for raffle trade euro, also try make something more complex.

Pneding(A.K.A idea reminder for me):
-Orian Kimono (Planning and keep testing prims part, also got request)
-China casual shirts.
-Black Jump suit (Reply for request, change design from white)
-Paladin (Reply for request as girls Leather Knight will change design)
-Blue Turtan (Reply forrequest, additional for turtan house this time)
-Cake/Cookie tray
-Cyber clothes what hina show me.
-Goth lori / victorian dress
-Free hair for the event.

-Placed Self Learning space, Clothes making and Japanese language this time by request.
Please ask to help if people there.
-We got new staff on last week. We can have few more staff so let me know if you have any recomand people.
New Greeter...Calen Sol (Mentor is June)
New Helpers...Alan Kenzo/Charissa Korvin

-Raffle Trade on Friday and Saturday. Also Crazy Hair event by Van.
-Naomi planning Pirats event on Sep. 19, more detail would be up later.
-Need to talk with Cigra about Name that game event. Might be ask host to some one while Hina busy.

-Club Asheba gave us more huge space.

-Sent donate to Club Shelter.
-Hina making free AO for newbe on Store. It will place on our freebe area with her advertisement. Also Hina addicting game called WOW so hard to meet her now but I can hit her via MSN so please let me know if you have any. :p

Friday, September 01, 2006

Sept. 1 Update

Coming to busy again in RL... will continue to 2 weeks or so again. Cant do new things much except making clothes. Also fixed some problems around Store, staff and something, hope nothing happen on next week... Yes, peace is most important. :)

New Clothes:
-Tori help me to posting new clothes infomations on her blog and SL forum. Thank you very much! :D So please check there what is nice, however, its the if the prodcut possible to suspect broken/or not broken but close to broken PG code, will not going there like sheer clothes, and BDSM clothes if its hide bits or not.

-Cat demon tails, sent to all manager for update, please give perople even who got in Aug 19 event,
-Turtan red shirts, was just relesed, asked to Zore for update.

-Black version fo White Sentry.
-Girls version of Jumpsuit.
-Blue Turtan.
-New goth lori dress.
-Kang fu fignthing for centaur looks AV. Done for this one.

-Club Industry offer us free sport of vendor, and sat up there. Thank you fro help for it Ami chan!

-Raffle event, making Yuffie clothes with Hina for it. I will make another clothes as additional as regular raffle.
-Bikers event, making bike for give away on the event.

-Furnation staff offer us vendor and joint event, will talk with them in this weekend.
-Will get interview from SL Business magazine, Zore will help me for english correction.
-Helping Two Lindens personaly, hope its connected to make people happy. :)
-Japanese font for SL, you can find bord on staff room, with use it, you can see japanese text in SL.