Monday, February 27, 2006

Feb 28

New Products:

  1. -Mini Miko...Kimono for shrine maiden, but mini skirt style, order from Pikaru, it was give away on japanese school.
  2. -Shinsen-gumi...Kimono from a samurai clan called Shinsen-gumi, famouse outfits in Japan. it was give away on japanese school.
  3. -Raven...Harf raven outfits, wings and helmet included. Made weapon too but not so good looks so canceled... not good enough prims work, so put on the wings prims next of the box to see if people dont care it...
  4. -Tour de Japone...Cycling outfits, order from Yume, 3 colors combination for them.
  5. -Tennise Wear...Order from Alan, Tennise uniform from comic called Prince of Tennise, but no logo there becouse right.
  6. -Kunoichi-A...Neo-Ninjya for girls, some one asked me and Hina show me a image, made from it. 'A' is one of charactor what printed on the breast, There is tow fighting stance called A and UN, A is offensive style.
  7. -Shinobi-A..Neo Ninjya for boy, request from guest, and made from Hina's Image. Color changer script there for maflar, note card on the box.
  8. -Chinese Dress...Order from customer, standard style with dragon print becouse original image has it what Hina show me. 4 colors of dresses.
  9. -High Slit 2...Made from raffle ball one, goth dress with high slit on side.
  10. -Zabuton...Japanese sitting style pillow, 3 kind of standard puttern. Someone asked me in Japanese school so...


  1. -Shivar Nadru...Special editon of Vampire hunter for the SIM. they can buy from a box in staff room since not seling to everyone. Djinn Christensen is his name who order it, he will come to the staff room sevral time to buy it.
  2. -White Bonji...Made by asked, not included on the box.
  3. -Raggamafin Skirt...removed a buckle by requestt, in the box alrady.
  4. -Owl Knight...Jacket version by request, in the box alrady.


  1. -Nothing by order! Yay! but chain armor from bodhi is still thinking...
  2. -Clothes for Ami-chans Event
  3. -Tear drops(goth+casual)

Shop info:

  1. -Hina chans birthday is close March 16,every one ready for gift? :p
  2. -We have new player helping program. Angela Gateaux and Eyal Fish will works as greeter, They are new, so please tell them how to play SL too. :) Hinamori will give you notecard about that, If you have spare of group, please join to ::: B@R :: Greeter group as you can possible.
  3. -We got 10000 over trafic without event on sturday, thank you everyone! :D
  4. -Removed few prims possible to pull laggy.
  5. -Latest some coupple dance balls from Bits and bob added on floor,
  6. -Vivi's mistress making mall, becouse of Equestrian, they will put our LM there. thanks!
  7. -If some one who is not eployeer puted tips jar, please tell them remove that. Only staff possible to placed.


  1. Ami-chans Trivia event on this weekend.
  2. Japanese school was success, thank you, sophie chan!
  3. Van&Ami planning event on next week, coming more later.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Feb 24 Update

Sorry for less update, I cought cold again.. (but good at this time :)) and still busy in rl, maybe next month....

New Products:
-Owl Knight...Mens version for Iron Meiden. 3 color of collor included. I think possible to pair for Witch, becouse owl is subordinate for them on fairytail.
-Vortex...Another version of Owl Knight, cyber version for mens. The kanji said 'keishi chou', its japanese police H.Q. So, future police outfits. :p
-Bandage...BDSM clothes got 3rd on poll, so made this as something uniqe. Bandage with casual outfits. for set. Its good with medical eye-patch.

-Mini Miko..Alrady done, out on japanese school to give away to girls, got this one from Pikaru as order.
-Shinsen gumi...Alrady done, out on japanese school for boys.
-Bike outfits...Alrady made a pants, maybe make top and another color variation.
-Ami chan will do tribia event on Pheonix spa, might be make some free outfits for it.-Buddhist priesthood(india)...Got order from 1month or more before...
-Raven...Goth outfits for this week as my work....
-Got 12 order for furry... but I couldnt do that so pass to another designer. X)

Shop Update:
-Aoife become to Assistant from dancer. She wil cover to euro time, yay!
-Placed nice piano on store, I got some song, so, place there sometime...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Feb 20 Update

I hope everyone spending happy holiday time. :)

New Products:
-Iron Maiden...Long goth black coat, weapon and blindhold included like Assasin set. Request from customer, finaly fantasy outfits for girl. I will make mens version later with some arrenge.
-Subtle Stripes...Request from club called Gunbunny. military looks one peace swimwear. Green on for seling on store.
-Gun Bunny Uniform...Yellow version of Subtle Stripes. Placed on property of them to buy anytime for satff of them.
-Zipped Up...Final Fantasy's hero's outfits without armor parts. so, may be do not have copyright... no? X) Anyway, Hina and Zore will making props and hair, gonna be complete when done. After they done, put 3 of them togather to somewear.
-Last Girl...Request from Ely from a animation. trival looks and made it as girls version of Last Boy.
-Equestrian..Request from Wgasa, Riding horse outfits in england, Paddle(changed name to Crop by Chroma's advice) included. Its seling some, so If some one make cap for it...
-Sweet Revenge...My first club wear, One of guest asked us and I couldnt show her right one so.. I will keep make this line with casual too.
-Shade...Dress like blind shade, inner top and under included.
-CoV Vest...Vest for City of Vampire, new raffle ball items.

Shop Update:
-Sorako starting to do Assistant from Dancer, please help her to do the works. :)
-Got small property ( 200m2) for additional in Wolof becouse I had capacity.-Cleaning up unused prims. And resize txture becouse avoid some lags.

-Japanese School coming on this weekend. Thank you sophie-chan for the teacher!Date is Feb 24, 7AM SLT, We will use Sharrow Dream to avoid lag on shop.
-Thank you for the Martine party this time Van, and sorry for I did misstake to set the radio again X). But We are realy enjoy the party with good selection of music of Ashadan. :)

-Mens iron maiden.
-Rider Suits from customer.
-Purple Witch for Kelindra.
-Chain armor and skull outfits from Bodhi's friend, I still need idea for them, give me time...
-Gun Bunny Uniform for male from mens staff for the club.
-Vampire Hunter special edition, its gonna be use for uniform as Djnn's SIM.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feb 15 Update

Happy V-Day all!!!

New Products:
-Enforcer...Military outfits, named by hurly. 3 colors and hat and pole includead.
-Maid...4 colors standard maid ouftfits.
-Poster for Van's event.

-Tech suit for girl...Request from club called Gunbunny. I will tell them one of shop who making such a style who met on Vixen, but I will try to make one too, will be spend 2 day or more to done since I havent time much till weekend... X)
- Chain Armor...request from bodhi's friend. will try.
-Captain...request from bodhi's friend, maybe make as space pirats.

Shop Update:
-Added Raibow Tiger for our Radio channel.
-We got offer to attend DIA meeting, Hina and Zore will attend there.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Feb 13 Update

We won one of Developer Incentive Award again! Thank you very much :) .Its lower prize then before but I will feedback this for end of this week to all of our staff like before.

New Products:
  1. -Bloody Hands...Goth, armor like looks, Weapon, Horns are additional. This one for mail but seems to be girl can wear it.
  2. -Last boy...Short vest with some color convination as mens outfits. Trival looks, thought of last boy from one of trival.
  3. -Assasin...Girls version of bloody hands, blindfold and weapons included.
  4. -Tube Top...Casual, Swetter tube top with g-short skirts with some combination.
  5. -Ran...One of outfits from Bleach for girls. 3 combination for tops.
  6. -Hair - Pony Tail...My first hair, twin tail and bang included.
  7. -Hair - Dragon Tail...Another Poni tail line.
Special Products:
-Sccubus Coat...Event give away for Succubus club, Silious is working for hostess Pants is black version of Bloody Taxido as Zore's
-Tiger Tatto Skin...Custom skin for Roen, kanji charactor(Tiger) on back.

Shop Update:
-Ami chan become to one of manager of our shop!
-Elyssa become to Assistant from Dancer.
-Dallas join us for our random DJ, 4 hour as limit for a week. He tried to DJ as testing, He loves hip-hop, but people seems to be
dont like, so told him to another music. I love reggae personaly, :p but just tell him request.

Sharrow Dream:
-Ami joined to the staff.
-Few furniture added.

Furniture Place:
-We got land at next of Sharrow Dream. Zore, Hina and Lance will use there for sale furniture (you can join if you like if you are our staff), and a small restaurant would be put there. Lance is working for build around there. Infomation coming more later. :)

Blanch Shop:
-Vixen got own island, so moved vendor there, They are still working to buliding, so would be take some till opne.

-It was grate success to Ami chan for the event, I heard people waiting to enter at edge of front of our SIM. And sorry for late
again... I was set up radio again..
-Succubus Club starting event with use our clothes.

-Bloody Hands...Added Horns for back.
-Assasin...Pants is not match with top for transparent level, fixed it.
-Hair...Base hair has brown bit, turn it to black. Since easy to adjust it, no update corn there.

-Poster for Van's event.
-Free Clothes for Van's event.
-Goth Maido
-Gith Ninjya
-Fist Figter for mens

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Feb 9 Update

Not to much, real life coming buys little bit X)

New Product:
-Yu-Latest outfits from Bleach, shinigami line's kimono. Print one is not on the comic but put as additional.
-Wolf Tee- Made for lance's B-day. sort of free clothes.

-Elf, Maybe out next morning
-Fatima, Angelic type dress, maybe out next morning too.

Coming Ami'chan's event this week.Also Van's event here for next week. :)

Shop Update:
Cigre's radio url will add on the radio channel, you guys can change channel while his event to notice when they are doing event on pheonix spa.

Sharrow Dream:
-Ami chan has been join for the spa staff, her sign is alrady there.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Feb 6

New Products:
-City of Vampire -Goth long leather coat, tradional Dracul shirts. Imagine young vampire who living in big city, you can dont wear shirts and leave it as jacket, would be nice looking I guess.
-Witch - item by poll for fantasy outfits. Comic like shape of clothes. White, Pale pink, Red, Blue. Hat and Staff included, click the diamonds on staff then yoiu can stop particle.
-The Queen of Diamonds - Slip version 2, White with black trim, White, Black, Red, Purple included.
-Aizen Vest - Neo Rider, Japanese + heard leather design. Black/Red vest included.-Van Healthing's outfits - Made for Lance's B-day gift, request by Zore, She is working for prims parts.
-Black/Red Slip & Kaze - Made for Ami chan's event as give away.
-Pheonix Rider - Made for Pheonix Spa, give away on the event.

Valentine Raffle:
Limited edition for V-day. these clothes are not go in Raffle ball afther the day. Not so much to specifies, good, so dont need to do model for this but I didnt add staff for this ball, you can get or please give away another if you dont like. X)
-Heart Kimono - Womens, Old Black kimono with Heart print.
-Kang Fu - Mens, Black Kang Fu fighting with V logo what on our store as sign.
-Paw Shirts - Womens, Shirts with paw + heart print, good for furry.
-Dragon Heart - Mens, Shirts with dragon heart print.

Clothes Update:
-White Meow - White version of black meow, just made for fun, not adjusted texture, so, not going to add for black meow. give them as free if people asked.
-Black Tattoo Lace - Shirts adjusted, becouse one of customer AV is showing bits with the shirts,,, Added to the box.

-More Fantasy clothes.. No idea at this time. X)
-Wolf Tee Shirts for Lance's B-day event.
-Asian Tan skin with old tattoo by Roen's order, I couldnt find texture, so, can not do that...

Shop Update:
-Valentine Raffle ball added on shp and Sharrow dream.
-Poll has been reset, new poll starting.-Postbox system now working. :D But only work for box, so, please pick up from there. Any better idea about this, please let me know.
-Moved Tattoo to oposit side, and made one more row for mens outfits. Tattoo will move to around Fitting room when removed there, and Im forget to do that in this weekend again. X(

Shallow Dream:
-Added V-Day raffle, 300 sec like regular too.
-Ami will join for the job.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Feb 3 Update

Sorry was no time becouse real life issue, so send to you guys for these new products, I will send you guys this morning with a new outfits. Also if you need products update too, please let me know.

New Products:
-Queen Bee- How I can say... sort of goth outfits with insect wings. Kanji symbol mean 'Bee'. I made rifle for the outfits but made from freebee and not good design :p , so, not included on the box. I will give to Assistants and person apply by all of outfits for copiable version in the folder so give away to customer who'd like it please.
-Koakuma- Lori outfits, 3 colors. Peti devil is that mean in japanese, cant get good name fot the outfits so. X)

Products Update:
-Stripe Gloves/Socks - The box had not Black/White Gloves, added on the box.
-Black Meow - Design changed bit for while of outfits, also added cats eyes(for eyes it self). I will send this new one to Assistants.

Store Update:
-Few V-day decorations.
-Starting to test item distribution script what a guy made for us (He will starting to sale the script later) . Its destribution item to all of guys automaticaly who on the list. To put the list, I will need parsonal key for each other, its soon to be done if you just touch a box. I will ask you guye when we done for the testing.

-Purple Sister for Kelindra, alrady done, just need upload.
-Fantasy won the poll again... hmm maybe boys/girls wizard outfits for this weekend, but I wil make a goth too. after made them, clear the list and put hovering text on the poll bar for the result.
-Ami chans event outfits for this weekend.
-Something for Lance B-day.
-Pheonix event outfits. (Night Rider arrenged)
-V-day outfits.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Feb 1 Update

Server down tonight for me! so nothing mauchI can do X) also pending works too, bring them to next day.

From the voting from the poll, I will make some goth outfits on weekend then reset it after that as new poll.

If time is meet, I will replace decration for V-day.

New Product:
-Black Meow -Black Kitty ourfits like wearcat like same of wolf arms method.

-V-day decorations
-New Lori while I do not making...
-Something Cyber one, request by Kitty
-Reminder:Yakuza Tattoo for Alex Fitzsimmons, still continue...
-Purple Sister for Kelindra.
-Modefiable crytsal wings for Hel Jezebel, was not modofiable... fixed for white version but I miss to changed red.
-J Schoo symbol for Ami chan. Its Symbol on Blazers and Cheergirl, Give her free copy of the images to use.

Shop update:
-Shop infomation is proofreading by Hina and Zore right now. I will post here after done before out on our shop.
-Asking custome script to a person. That script will distribution new clothes to Assistant staff automaticaly when I put item on the box with script. It would be help to save my time, and to be less to my lot of :p misstake. Also if he can make payment version what I keep mistaking too X). Just waiting to done the work now.

-Gecko for Shane- Made as his birthday gift.