Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May 30 Update

Still busy in RL and SL so sorry for just easy infomations X)

New Products:
-Hime...New flex prims long hair, White hair included so you can change color whatever you like, but make sure you need change hair, bang, and back as same color. Hime is princess in japanese.
-Mystic Samurai...Goth Kimono for mens, flex headband there, As my misstake, headband isnt medifiable, so I will fix it later on the box..
-Dhampir Knight...This weeks goth, for mens. Flex hat and mantle as additional. also color variations.
-Dhampir Knight (Lady)...Ladys version of Dhampir Knight, no color variations but skirt and tattoo included.
-Checked Breezes...Simple flex prims skirt with summer top. Some color variation included and afordable.
-Business Womon...Simple Business suit for lady, Made for Ami chan for first when she do business meeting.
-Victorian Summer...Victorian casual with short sleevs shirts and pants.
-Mother Earth...Ethnic dress with flex ribbon,
-Center Line...Long skirt casual.
-Mesh Leather...New Raffle item.

-Shinobi / Kunoichi, sleave or headpeace for flexprim
-Westurn like flex fringe
-Dancer woth flex prims for arm and legs
-Mens Longhair.
-Raffle ball item.
-New extra raffle ball item.
-Old prims convert to flex.

Shop Update:
-Added big box for west/east wall, becouse after the update, hiding items not considering as there, becouse of it, lag wil reduce more on center and far from another side.
-Raffle ball is moved to more center of the SIM, since the shout is reach to another SIM.
-Pandora joind to our greeter.
-Done before havent telling yet, Naomi chans Gazboo is done at back of the shop.

-I couldnt attend Van's event X) Im sorry was that.
-Raffle event on this week, Hina sat up sign alrady. Will do 2times like before for euro people.
-Ami chan starting talk with Barbie Club to help event for them. Just starting to talk so detail will come later.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 23 Update

As I noticed before, our shop photo on PC Magazine, however its dutch, so cant read, X) but If you like to see, you can find it on our staff room.

New Products:
-Horns and Skulls...Prims horn by request qith color changer. Come with skull necklace/earing.
-Executioner...This weeks goth for mens with prims Shoulder-pad and sword.
-Executioner(Lady )...This weeks goth for girls with prims knee pad and shoulder-pad(added aftter released).
-Lace Kimono...Transparent looks kimono, recomand with ful body tattoo.
-Wa-Cami...Wa is japan, Cami made from japanese kimono material as casual.
-Tiny Prince...Request from Naomi chan, Leather Prince & Cavaler(Shoes) for Tiny, maybe another few clothes for Tiny will coming later.
-Lucky Lapiz...Native american taste necklace, earings, bangles and anklets. Just cant find it on SL so made as my self... Was sendyou guys empty box by bug, but if you need them just ket me know.
-Short Leather (Lady)...Ladys version of Short Leather, added new holes version after released to more balance of whole of clothes.
-Thousand Nights...Arabian night motifed casual wear. 3 color of pants included.
-Samurai Tank..Additional gift for Esprite event.

Shop Update:
-Tori's Blog here! http://toriheart.blogspot.com/ I donno how to make link on side like another blog. X)
-From next patch..** Frame rate is improved when objects that would normally be rendered are hidden from view ** Maybe better to use wall to hide by wall to help lag after the patch.
-Removed Video System/InfoNet to reduce lag, after back like before whole of SL. put there again.

-Raffle event was success, with full people of SIM, thanks Hina :) Euro time one got 25 people around, but still good, Ari and Divinity thank you for help the event!
-Miss contest by club is done, Naomi chan was attend for me and give winner to the token for prize

-New Casual.
-Mens goth kimono.
-Cuffs, Aoife helping for script to work as lockmaster toys.

Serene Settings:
-Return items what not selings by old bug.

Friday, May 19, 2006

May 19 Update

Busy in rl bit and still my right arm getting hurt X) So lot of type miss here so sorry...

New Products:
-Mika...Goth Lori/casual girls wear. Black and Brown.
-Prisoner...This weeks goth, BDSM taste outfits.
-Howling Wolf...New Raffle ball item for the event.
-Samrai Island...Free clothes for Esprite, he will using for free clothes for his event. He gave me dagger to use for raffle outfits. Will out with it next time.

-Raffle Ball event will happen on May 20 too, becouse euro people ask us to hard to get time zone for it. I will do host this time. Yokiko will do DJ for the euro time. Hina asking to Sil for friday.

Shop Update:
-Page joined to our greeter, mentor is Naomi-sensei. We can have another 2 greeter.
-Casandra Jackson will join to vendor wall who was reserved before.
-Customer asked about InfoNet terminal, placed again and checking lag...

-Samurai Island offer us vendor space on House of Blade, will talk KatanaBlade later.

-Deamon horn by order.
-Tiny outfits by Naomi chan.
-Storyline event space
-Executioner, new mens goth. almost done.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May 16 Update

New Products:
-Tank & TAO Swim Wear..Regularl Mens Swimwear like surfer with tank top.
-Simple Open Shirts...Mens simple shirts with open wide on breast. For casual anytime.
-Black Widow...Goth taste club wear, lacey underwear includead. Fixed underwear seams and starting exchange.
-Skylla...This weeks goth, Seducer line laced long dress, not open front like everytime. :p But possible to wear as one peace like seducer.
-Bloody Leather Coat...Simple/Trival Red and Blue coat for mens. Alan show me 'devil may cry' game outfits and made it.
-Summer Luv'in..Named by Alan, I wanted to cuted pants for sumer so made top for it.
-TAO Tees...New free tee shirts with landmark and images of shop.
-School Desk...On Serene Settings, used for J school event.
-Tomb...Simple tomb, made for prims & texture practice. .On Serene Setting.
-Taisoufuku..Event give away clothes for J Schoo party. mens and girls version there, I will make sales version form it.

-J School event is success, got 15000 trafics and the SIM made full sometime to wait to get in. And new record for vote number by 21. Thank you Van, Naomi and Ami!
-Raffle Ball event on this Friday, Hina, she is back and working for it.
-Billy Ogopogo and Ashadan is back, so we can ask to DJ if Topaz not available or taste of your event. Cirga is bit busy at this time.
-According by Silious, Succubus club is going to close by finacing issue. Some club starting close... But few of them are starting to open like Playboi club and new Deloy goth club.
-Clothes Exchange Token:Made Token for clothes exchange for 5 of them, to use as event prize. Please let me know if you'd like to use for your event with related our store, Sample is placed on the desk on our office. This one will use for prize of Miss contest what Naomi chan working for,

Shop Update:
-Divinity Division joined as greeter, Mentor is Ami-chan.
-Placed Video System, checking lag right now, if you have any problem, please let me know.
-Sales of last week end.
329+269=598 (May 13/14)
Back to normal number. Simple shirts is sold well, and Armor coat is seling lot again.
1) Simple Open Shirts 21
2) Snake Charmer 20
3) Bloody Leather Coat 18
4) Armor Coat 17
5) Skylla 16
-5 raffle re-saler found in this weekend by customr... Sent IM to all of them to dont sale them. One of guy bought from Xyr Frost and seling it again, and resaler didnt know that, need to be check him... There is lot of variation to sale; 1) Sale as the box directory, 2) Wear clothes and took screen shot on AV themself and use it for the box, 3) Take screen shot of the original box and use it for pic of the new box 4) sale with another outfits on one box as BR set, floating text says contents. On another mall, just saleing regular item as used what the owner bought it (this case is not the problem). So, very hard to find and decision X) If some one help me as 'Raffle ball item Police' please let me know, but I want to tell you such a people are not so friendly, sometime rude me with caps lock, but better to be tone down against them for talk or lose presence of mind for discussion (for first time, second time if they did again, they will got bann for store) so, not easy works...

-Deloy(Goth SIM) offered me free vendor space, placed there.
-Not a blanch but Heaven Abobe Cloud asked us free item for the mall, sent TAO tee to her.

-Illya Gavaskar ask me wall of spa. will improve the texture on this weekend..
-Sporty kimono or Chinease
-New Shoes
-Goth of this week

Sharrow Dream:
-Updated two 44Magnum to 50 Magnum.

Friday, May 12, 2006

May 12 Update

New Products:
-Maihime...Shoes, Girl's red shoes with japanese style.My first girl shoes!
-Coat of Dark Force...Jedi like long coat, got request before 3 month ago or so... X)
-Snake Charmer...Turkish belly dance clothes with arm band.
-Goth Baby...Made for Nicoletto, will not sale. If you want baby, please let me know but since he has my blood, not so handsome :p
-Clothes exchange token... A panel what to exchange with 5 clothes, not for sale, just give for prize like Miss contest on this month.
-Gay Pride 2006 Tops for mens/girls. Black leatehr style for both. This event is festival for gay, les, bi in all of SL, its being continue from 2004, when SL is starting as I heard. These T-shirts are free for give away who attend the event. Gave to helper of the event alrady. We will help them to put sign on store when the event come close(July).

Shop Update:
-Divinity will join to our greeter. past bit 3 month more but would be ok.
-Offer from Heave Above Cloud (Sasha Lightworker) mall for freebee. I will supply free T shirts to them.
-Tygeria Mirabeau ask me donete for her club.
-Raven Latrell / Misha Eusebio / Iris Ophelia are done for greeter cycle, I will tell them about that with thank. :)

-Training wear for boys and girls for the event.
-From Shy Mathys: white snake charmer outfit that has a skirt with a back
-From Laura Luan:take pentagram off the wicca dress.
-Streak, new girls clothes with swim wear.
-Griffon, mens armor.

-School event on this weekend, I might be sleeping or doing house thing but have fun. X)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9 Update Part 2

Shop Update:
-Sales report for the weekend(May 6/7). As you can notice, Simple Black is coming to 2nd, thats mean some new player coming around to get basic outfits. And lot of items sold ever, as Tori notice, some new player coming around store I guess, may be not so much continue long. :p
456/389 = 845 for total
1) Dhampir 18
2) Simple Black 17
3) Stripe and Strap/Bindi/Armor Coat 13
4) Baron of The Orient 12
5) Ladies Armor Coat / Suzuran 11
-We got ranking 21 of TOP 100 PICKS IN PEOPLE'S PROFILE PICKS.


Acording this article, 1,727 for all of place, and we got the 21for the ranking with 277 people. As clothing store, Nomine is first and next are us! Thank you very much for all of help. :D
-One of friend told me on anshechung,com, there is June ACM who making asian clothes, if people ask about that, not me and tell them her clothes can find SL Exchange, I donno she seling on SL or not. X)
-New Decoration for summer on shop.
-Henri Lemieux, who is pushing people with script in store, gave him notice onece, so if he does it again please report to me for bann.

Sharrow Dream:
-New Tree house to made for request, possible to access from the wood next of catsle.
-Added some pose balls.
-Update raffle ball to same as store by request.

-As I can tell you first, super successfull for the two events. I was just chatting with friends :p so, uploud who working hard for the event, Hina, Ely, Van, and Topaz!
-J-Shool event..Van, Naomi, Ami are host, please check the detail on store, alrady put the event on Linden homepage. :)
-Pheonix Spa Event on this tuseday by Vivi.

Pending(with my to do for reminder...)
-Request/PVC Buisiness suit
-Request/Killer Tiddy
-Poll/Goth for this week
-Duty/Prize token for Miss contest
-Pending/Girls Shoes.
-1.9.1 Coming this week, so will try new hair, skirt, mantle and such.

May 9 Update

On Friday, we got first 'Popular Place' on SL with 21000 trafic. Thank you very much for Hina and Ely to help the event, Also I couldnt go the party of Van but we got 17000 trafic, its still new record by our history, thank you Van!! Seems to be Lot of new player born the week, But you know beouse of all of us being working hard, so made the number, and Thank you again for all. :D

New Products:
-Cavalier for Furry (Shoes)...Shoes for Furry
-Monk...Asian battle monk style for mens.
-Stripe and Strap...Aranged stripes as punk/goth/bdsm mixed casual.
-Her of the Crypt..Old name is exodus, adjusted bit from old hair. what I used for Mad hair fair.
-Dhampir...Matador looks but goth of this week. Concept from NightWings +Leather Prince.
-Dhampir Skin...Not on new release stand, just want to ghost like hair, 3 lips colors and red eyes includead, also demo. Enhance the detail bit from the skin base.
-Gate Protector...Made from Sora. becouse it has copyright.
-Exodus...New mens hair, based by Sora.
-Monster...New mens shoes, based by Sora.
-Black Mertarnity...Mertarnity clothes by request, made as goth style, and some props for baby includead.
-Suzuran..Regular style kimono but veriation of colors, becouse blue kimono was request, Blue and SKyblue there.
-J-School Desk&Chair... Use for this weekend's event, I guess make it more 8 prims less as furniture, so I will adjust it before sale on Serene Settings.
-Dhampir Unisex Special..Gift for Vivi's friends for wedding.
-Sceptor...Free item for holywood event.
-Rei...Anime cosplay for raffle ball event, black and white there.
-Sora..Made for Hina, since it copyright things so not going to sale, just share with our friend.
-Flame Tounge...New red coat for raffle ball item.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May 2 Update

Back from travel. :) My sis got 3rd baby on April, and he is very cute! Also went to ancestors grave and clean them up. Went to minral spa as usualy, and watch V for Vendetta on late show, its impressed me. Eat same sushi with kids. Another day, went to china town to eat hot chinese, After that we found big temple of chinese goddess. Also we found baby aquarium (not like normal aquarium, fish's baby there) around and... ya was fun lot. :D

I got 5 days holiday too, but my right hand is bit hurt so not much thing out. But will do some 'to do'. :)

New Products:
-Ladies Armor Coat...Armor looks long coat
Armor Coatt...Armor looks long coat for mens
Bindi...Ethnic arranged casual, few color combination there.
House Guard...Mens uniform like outfits. Black/Red trim.
White Rose...Club wear, bustier and short skirt like pants.
Thick Band...Club wear, big thin band with sheer clothes around.
Night Stalker...Experimental design goth clothes, with arm/leg parts.
Bunny Boy...Made by order of the bunny club. Come with BDSM like ears/tail.

Shop Update:
-Best sales item of this weekend:
1) Seducer 16
2) Cavalier (Shoes) 15
3) House Guard 13
4) Leather One Peace 12
5) Thick Band 9

-Hina's Raffle ball event, waiting detail.
-Van's School event, waiting detail.
-No Pheonix Spa event on this week.

-Request/PVC Buisiness suit
-Request/Blue kimono for girls.
-Request/Killer Tiddy
-Poll/Goth for this week
-Duty/Raffle ball item for the event
-Duty/Sign for Van's event
-Duty/Prize token for Miss contest
-Duty/Pheonix Spa Free clothes
-Mens new kimono
-New shop deco for summer

-Jonny Dusk who making pose asked me model for his new pose. Was try with prototype of Armor Coat becouse I was making it. X)
-About PC Magazine article, it will be out after 2 weeks or so.