Thursday, April 19, 2007

April 19 Update


-New female skin: working for now, all done for texture of them, still need upload and make sign, done for 3 of them. You can see them on our staff room as working on progress :) All demo skin has unique color of langerie for thank to testing. bit early to relese but have some works still so If I can relese this skin in this weekend. As I told you alrady, old skin will remove, 2 weeks or so, while this term, I will exchange to old skin to new skin. Since 150 around skin I will make, the house will expand the size. Still not so much like another skin maker and no sex there becouse of Japan not allows, price will going 180, bit expensive more then current one since took long time to done. As my thinking, ask to Asheba or firend's strip club for demo as event, sounds fun? :p

-School of Building for staff: Becouse of the grid problem John got trouble while the school, so we will do again 7AM Saturday, hope you guys enjoy the crafting. :)

-Starting works for the german comapny, done for mens top and pants, need some prims shoes too, I will gonan works for it this weekend.

-Club Asheba offer us to build BR area around TP point, will need some new texture works, something like much with there.-Renew music stream for 3 month.

-Going to attend Clothing Fairr, I donno I can put new item there but I will go for it X) need to be set up on this weekend. Its 250 prims they allows, will use Branch building for display.

So.. less new relese except skin this week X)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

April 12 2007 Update

Im bit busy on this week, But keep going to every day's works on SL :) anyway, few infomation to know you guys.

We will have 'Basic Buidling School' after Euro Raffle Trade event as I mention before on this blog, small one for this time since starting for our Staff (Will ask on VIP chat if some one intresting at the time too) . I will tell you How to make hair and How to make flex skirt, I will have hair/clothes texture to use for your products. basic one with some tips. Please come down to VIP sand box after the event :)

Now, we have new DJ, JAVIER Granada from spain, he will do euro time show on weekday, Also Twilight, from euro too, We will gonna have more euro speaking staff to help since some customer now a days.

Also testing new APS, possible to 40 capacity so after done it, we will have up to 80 emplyee with two APS. But since keep grid problem happen, stoping till fixed it.

Made Relay of Life outfits (Silk like one to be unique, but femal or femboy only) to gave away, sent to Zorena and Eros team. If you have intresting to have copy to use, please let me know, as my self, alrady donate to HQ and few to people who has sign on our store.

As last news, Alan went to iraq and he will not back long... There is still not safe, and Im so anxious about him. When you see the poster of him on store, please pray for his safe and end of the war soon if you remaind it. Hope we can have party before Xmass when he back from there...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April 3 2007 Update

Long time no see! I was bit busy in rl also sl, couldnt update blog, got 4 interview in last week, a project starting for rl company(help produce thier show), two fashion concern show for SL and more. So still going busy on this month and next month. Also very close to done new skin line. Took long this time and got 20 over tester so Hope the skin good as another designers one :)

New Products(40 unique + Freebe for this month :) ):
-Erotika...Lastest, Erotic long dress bit goth / hard if you see close. There is Open edition so recomand to use with clothes what mroe conservative for inner.
-Countess...New Lingerie, Bit wired style, but made to be good looks.
-Stripe and Short Vest..Mens(aged?) version of Boy short vest, Tori taking pics for customer model group so will out today or tomorow.
-Boy short vest...Casual for young boy or furry AVs.
-Brand New Heavn...Only 2 weeks record here but alrady out 405 set and I didnt expect it X) Becouse the concept is the very experimentally for my self, its to be clothes only for SL, just tend to make it to be looks new but good like degital angel in SL there.Eharnal New Heaven for mens, made by request.
-Kasuri One peace with Kasuri(japanese ikat) material.
-Neatherland Dwarf...First relese of Alice project, since its march too. Photo from my pet in real life :) He is not white becouse of it, and cant wear leather groves too. Hug doll included for human AV too. Run animation was not works what sent to mangers but fixed in box.Another option available for clothes.
-Furry for Gako...Furry's version of Gako and Colored denim. Since opened upper hip for tail, not good for human AV...
-White Long One peace...My recomand for this week for woman... but not so popular. :p
-Denim One peace...Casual version of the One peace. both original design. but not popular too X)
-Necro Fangs...This weeks something scary for boys, Necro Fangs Lady for Made by request
-Necromantica...Turn Necro Fangs to dress. only dots color diffarent for variation.
-Velvetica..Normal dress more then Necromantica for party
-Sweet Enamel...Shoes for Lori outfits.
-Tuxedo...Green and Red there, will add Black later.
-Track Suits...Made by request, Bluce Lee and Kill Bill color on it.
-Bizarre X...Latex heal.
-Eyelash...Request from Japanese blogger, its very hard to fit each AV,,,
-Black Cat Bob...New BC line of hair.
-The Joker...One of customer looking for binding suits, its not that but got idea from it. Joker face is my hand draw so not so handsome. :p
-Vampier Fish..Idea from a BDSM toy in SL, like tentacle stuff, so bit naughty one.
-Cooking Time...Japanese tradional hose womens wear, when you just married... kidding :p but this clothes could be use as normal apron since its on jacket layer.
-Chef...Working clothes for this month, Simple chef :)
-Attendant...Working womens clothes for this month. Actualy good for business suits I think,
-Jungle Monster havent seen African trival in SL, so made it :)
-Dots.. Casual dot shirts, trend for this spring in tokyo.
-Double Stripe...Just wanted stripe pants for my AV X)
-Studded Black coat...Based for raffle trade item, made from it as mens coat.
-Sakura Dancer...Japanese cat suits as concept.
-Exile boy...Made by request, mens version of Exile.
-Rose Petal...Lovely colors dress :) there is color combination first, made dress after it.
-Denim One Peace...One peace is trend in tokyo on this season, denim type for this time.
-Mini Chidori...Chidori is dogtooth, so about pants/skirt for the title. Lot of color convination there since special box for Branch opening.
-take it off...Havent seen overall without off, So...
-Patches...Punk clothes for girls.
-Trans title says, transparent suits X) Grils version of The Joker.
-Gladiator...Wrestling suits with goth taste.
-Unkept Bloom...Japanese BDSM + Kimono, something like wired I wanted make.
-Bizarre Armor... Made from Bizarre X shoes, Shoes are good to make armor :p
-Velvet Furniture...Made for Branch, and as new stuff for 10 linden store.

-Still keep thinking Alice, 2-3 of clothes larady relesed were based but not become it, maybe I will starting from another charactor :p
-Keep continue to working for skin, if you like to testing, please let me know. Target release deta is end of April to May. We will do free swap who has old one.
-Leather Overall, Goth or Punk style.
-Request: Japanese Wedding outfits.
-Request: Large hole full net body.
-Request: Mens version of Dhampir(Not Dhampir Knight)
-Request: Super Hero girl.
-10Linden Ninjya suits.
-Simple dress.
-Got another idea for projects, Another Lyric/Story inspired clothes. Beat Generation, Kerouac's or Jean Cocteau.
-Goth/Fantasy/Cyber of this week.
-Ponygirl outfits by request
-Black Tuxido by request.
-Fix SLB box .
-Van's clothes for event (weekly)
-Greece outfits by request.
-Dutch traditional Dress by request.
-Mexican womans dress.
-Specific furry options.
-Free Shape, Free Shoes and Free hair to complete freebe for newbe. going tomake more to be selective as freebe.
-More Free Skin.
-Outfits for cute girl samurai.
-Bishop Type clothes by request.
-Prims Shiny Lips. thank you for the idea, Koko :)
-manicure, pedicure(this will pending till nex skin relese at all)

-Ogo Radio is now changed owner, Chel Norfolk is she. Done meeting with them and explain our stats, Koko will showing our store today. You can ask them request or something you like as BR staff like Billy, hope going well.

-Now Branche is open! Please lead people if if complain about lag X) Some guy told me less mens wear will keep change it if I got enough mens casual. Keep 96 items on the store, add new then remove any old, so keep good selection for the place,
-We got JAVIAR for new DJ, he will play tuseday morning for euro customer. Also some old DJs will back soon :)
-Added some greeter and staff, 42 staff pluse DJ, greeter for now. So around 50 people working for B@R. This is limitation to consider by APS. So stoped hire people for now.
-Raffle Galary for planning on Black Cat.
-Staff Room is moved to black cat, chek group notice for Staff. :) If you are staff, you can use or invite your guest there to meeting.
-Zore remade Women's fitting room, please tell gues who need use it, you can find teleporter on old door place.

-Van's Event only for this week. :)
-We will attend to Clothes Fair.something like clothes version of Hair Fair. More infomation will comes.
-We will attend to SL Vogue fashion show on this month as a designer. Tori is person in charge. :)