Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28 Update

Talked with Zore, her computer is broken again, so, can not login while. X( (She was login MSN from friend's computer) However, she is seems to be good, better then broken her health. :) Hope to see her again soon.

Hina going hospital till next wends day. so we ca not meet her while... Hope she getting better soon. :)

As tell you guys before, Im going to my home town, so, can not help for some trouble quickly.
I will send you guys payment to who fixed of it this morning on your time.

So, enjoy quiet week end :p

-House Guard...Adjusting last detail, amost done, Army like mens outfits. Thank you for the name Naomi chan!
-Thick Band...Girls club Wear, almost done too.
-Wolf clothes for Van's event.
-Nightstalker...This week's goth. I donno I can done it tonight though...
-Furry's shoes
-Blue kimono...asking detail for the request.

Shop Update:
-On Wolof, If the SIM FPS is 20-30 around(Ctrl+alt+1 to see), Repot to linden for check there please. You can use Help -> Live Help to ask them.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 27 Update

Sad news here, Pheonix Spa will close the door at end of May. They are helped us for first Fashion show, the event every Tuseday and Nami-chan's Storyline. They are still going the event, so keep helping on next month too. I got holiday for next tuseday, so, I will attend the weekly with new prize clothes. After that, we will have relationship with the some of staff of them, like continue tuseday event on our place.

New Products:
-Pink Coffin...Furniture, bed for goth lori vamps with pajama. Just made for my fun. :p But thank you for parfect moving script, Aoife, and the sleeping pose, Hina. :)
-Leather One peace...Girls version of Gecko Rider.
-Exodus...Hair for Mad Hair Fair, see following infomation for more. This one is not release till end the event on shop.
-Uniform Kimono...New Freebe, what we were using as uniform. Ribbons are made by Zore, so not includead, socks from another outfits so not includead likewise.

Shop Update:
-Added Message board, free to use for anything! Hope not make lag...
-Van's sign of event is up on store.

-Mad Hair Fair...My friend, treebee Withnail preparing the event. We will gonna attend with 4 + new hair Another designer is treebee's Brainbow, Curious Kitty, Unvail and such. More to come when I got infomations.
-Donate items for 'HeaVen~&~Hell Night Club' opening event.
-Got additional 20 more bunny from Playbo"i" Club. So, total 80 Bunny They hiring...
-Customer noticed about to get certain raffle ball item. That establishment is... 1/25(items) each 10min, Thats mean 4 hour once, I think 6 around people on store everytime so, 24 hour onece with stay all the time there... I guess its valueable then clothes to buy. :p
-Find Raffle ball item to seling on Used Item Sale event, noticed owner to stop it, then remove them. She was talking to me without caps lock if I talk softly, so, if you found such a thing, please keep friendly. (For first but second :p)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April 25 Update

I heard that sophie is pregnant harself, but I dont now ture or not since can not talk with her. X) If its ture, We can not meet her while, but congratlation and can't wait to see her baby. :D

New Products:
-Seducer...Lacey dress, the week of goth clothes. 3 colors and underwear version includead.
-Cavalier (Shoes)...My first shoes for men. I will try to make more shoes. :)
-Hana-to-Chou...Casual for summer, bloom and butterfly is that mean as japanese, you can find small bloom on center of shirts. :)
-Simple Bunny...Made for "Playboi" club, alrady sold 60 set of black one as L$850 for opening, they are hireing new player so if its help...
-Uriel...Mens casual, 3 colors.
-Doc...Doctor Clothes, SIM called Crimson fall becouse looking for it, Bio engineeer for girls so made as mens version with some variation.

Shop Update:
-here is ranking on last week. 650 clothes are out as total. Thank you very much for all. :)
1) Seducer 38
2) Cavalier (Shoes) 16
3) Simple Bunny 15
4) Hana-to-Chou 13
5) Crusader 12
-Coraki joined to our greeter.
-Got interview from Flux's magazine on SL, and took some photo with Hina and Ami chan.

-Full red Last Girl request from Coraki.

-Goth Pajama, making pink coffin for it, thank you for help Aoife for script. :D
-Leather on-peace.
-New body suit, made shape of design alrady.
-Mens casual for summer.
-Another shoes, texture + prim this time becouse the friend who asked me shoes not satisfied it, keep charenging. Alrady made based texture and special template for it. Maybe some good seams boots/socks possible to make with this.

-Van's event for this week, goth themed! Detail will come more later. I can not attend the event becouse go to hometown... so please help her event if you can. :)
-Hina going out town, so no raffle ball event on this week, I will ask her next week to do.

-Im out of town end of this week, I cant help people while.. but got long vaction next week. :)
-Introducing about our clothes here: (The Man Factory)

Friday, April 21, 2006

April 21 Update

Got 50 of the last DIA ranking! better 7 more then before, thank you very much. :D
Also Dwell money will rid off on May 15 from SL. Camp chair. Club and Event will going to more then less from now (but never gone all of them I guess) as my forecast. So we can do more event for fill deficit in the world as payback to people with gratitude and I like party basicaly. :p Van and Hina working for event constantly but , if you can do manage weekly event, please let me know. :) I think Tuesday (sometime more busy then weekend, since its stipend day) or Sunday would be good or if you have your friend good for management event, I can hire them for the day. Also Van and Hina can do more if you have time. :p

New Products:
-Leather Prince... Idea from THE THREE MUSKETEERS, named by Tizzy, was try before, just made hat and stopped, tried again. Mens outfits, but I think possible to wear by girls. 3 colors outfits with each hat. After made it, I guess wait till flex prims support for feather... Lot of possiblity. X)
-J School Summer...Very standard school wear in Japan,3 colors. I can see around in japan so made this. goth taste one included as additional. Vest is possible to be another layer but ribbon is pailed on sweater for layers, gathered with them. I will make mens one with separate sometime I could do.
-T's V School...Nothing to say, T is Tizzy, clothes for her but if its help for her nakid-ness. X) Raffle ball item.
-Low Cut Pirates...Reqeust from Paku, Raffle ball item too.

-Goth dress.
-203 (Fleshwrap type)

Shop Update:
-PC Magazine writer came and take shot of our store with Hina. :) You can see it near of book sotre future!
-Forget to know all here.. Hina and Bodhi starting live on the place, But I cant find Bodhi's house. X)
-Ariana Singer joined to our dancer, seems to be greeter program not going well. X) so budget use for new staff. but you can tell me if good person you found for greeter. :)
-Added new slow dance and such from Bits and Bob on dance floor and Sharrow Dream.
-Camping chair, no Hanging chair. :p what is people stay if she/he bored and find new friend. Kinda like experimentation people like or not.. If Im not making clothes, want to chatting. so I guess work for me. :p

Monday, April 17, 2006

April 17 Update

We got Developer Incentive Award again, thank you very much all. :D But this month is the end of the program. no more prize. We are 57 from top on SL for trafic for Feb, I donno how high this time, I will put infomation here about that later. :)

New Flax prims is nice :D While server is down, went to preview server(thank you for know me Aoife). With Flex prims, you can make real flex items such a cape, mantle, cloak, hair, whip, maffler, ribbon, skirt, tail, tentacles and etc... There is lot of possiblity to made some props. When 1.9.1 coming on live, I will try to make them, also improve some items, such a maffler and wings. Also there is Light prims too, I think need to change some settings for shop for mor better looks. Also I think good update for every one too. :)

New Products:
-Rose Clan...This week's goth clothes. usual style with rose symbols around. 3 Colors of rose.
-Thousand Eyes...Goth type underwear, 4 color combinations.
-Asian Beauty...Chinese + Kimono style.
-Night Watch...Mens, Goth type, 3 colors and plane version includead.
-Laced Angel...Casual, denim pants with 4 colors tops.
-Shinigami Assasin...Request from Hina before few month ago. Design from Bleach, trival version there. Kani says assassination. Was trade on raffle item too.
-White Cross...New raffle item, blue coat with white cross.
-Furry Leather Vest...Made for Furry event by Van.

-Fixed typo on boxies.
-Chakra tattoo skin black based white/red by request.

-Sentinel for girl by request. (Tristan Padar)


Shop Update:
-Alan and Fada join to vendor. No more vendor except one of magazine stand or sign.To clear lag issue, if some one using network vendor, please let me know, I will ask him/her to use simple one. AKira's vendor is seems to be lost, so I will ask her later.
-Sales Record for this weekend (April 15/16)
1) Asian Beauty/Rose Clan(One Day) 11
2) Black Butterfly/Night Watch 10
3) Laced Angel 9
4) Simple Black/Trival Gakuran 8
5) Metal Arms/Shinigami Assasin 7
Server is down while on sturday and not much sales like last weekend. X) I need think more design to peope like X) But dont need to sale more like RL business, proceeds is not so bad at all and let go slow. :)

-Hina's raffle trade is going well, lot of anime fun coming and enjoy music from title of games. Maybe Hina will turn the event to anime/game themed one again.
-Furry event is moved to April 22 becouse server was down by attacked hacker.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 13 Update

New Products:
BlackButterfly...Catsuit dress with tatto set. Since ther part of clothes, black only. Added long socks version and open(BDSM) version later, not sending to staff but you can buy as $L1 from orange box at next of radio station if you need. Hina chan help to sending customer who bought it alrady.
202 Tyop B...Another version of 201. 201 is Denim + another cloth material, So, 202 for Denim + lace, How about 203... hmm.. Denim only, maybe. X)

-Mens China Robe
-New raffle ball item.
-Furry clotthes for event.
-Correct typo on box images: Sumer Dreams/Sports Girl

-City of Vampire Blue Sash version by request, alrady in box, tell me if you like this color.
-Jacket version of White fur vest by request. Alrady in the box too.

-Leave form Doley Vendor
-Join to Kelindra's shop, Seling Trans Crysta Angel there what do not sale on store as exclusive.

Shop Update:
-Simon Glass become to our greeter!
-2Vendors (Hair and Wings) added to east wall. 2 people reserved the place, so can not put vendor physicaly. X)
-Planning to `new release infomation board` for vendors.

-Post about event about end of this week events on forum with intoroduce about our store, havent do that long.. So maybe we can get few additional people... I hope so.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

April 11 Update

New Products:
Lily Clan...This weeks goth, lily print on back. 3 variation included.
Summer Dreams...Cheep regular casual for new player. Price is low, I will keep make something like this line.
Chonmage...First mens hair, chanmage is samurai hair style as japanese. Not tradional but urban to be.
Metal Bikini...Outfits from Starwars, About '3D render', I used prim thing on another softwear, and made metal part from scratch like Chrono sotrm, Eye Cry. As result, looks clean and bette, but less realistic bit though.
Pirats Coat..Request from Bodih's friend, leather coat with prats taste printing.
Commando (Boy)...Boys version of commando. Colors are much with raffle ball pants. I think Bodhi's friend asked me long time ago... But no hat.
Bare Black...Raffle ball item, Cubism method used. but failed, can not catch up my talent. :p

-Butterfly of Night...Revealing goth dress.
-Shooting Star...New revealing catsuit.
-Swimwear...starting to make few till summer.
-Business suit for girl
-Blue sash for city of vamp by request.
-Orochimaru from Naruto, Hina considering to make prim sash, will make outfits if she could.

-Shop update:
-New greeter program starting. Thank you for Ami chan to fix the document. :)There is mentor for who assign, Misha for me.
-Raven Latrell (Mentor Ami)/Iris Ophelia (Mentor for Sorako) join to our greetor,
-Simon Glass is pending for greeter, Mentor is Hina.
-Two Wrestling animation on dance floor, also some animation added on store and Sharrow Dream.
-Removed black dragon, infonet system for reduce lag if its help..
-Added newbe instruction about 'box on head'. You can get jork item from the note.
-Fixed time for DJs are changed, please reffer to sign/poster under the DJ booth.
-Dallas intoroduce me to get own stream server, I will ask to them
-Popular items for last weekend (April 8 and 9)
1) Metal Bikini 15
2) Trival Gakuran/Black Lotus 12
3) Pirate Coat 11
4) Crusader (Lady)/Chanmage 10
5) Batsu/Summer Dreams 9
6) Demon's Bride 8
7) Simple Black/Baron of The Orient/Genbu 7

-Raffle ball trade on April 14, Host by Hina, DJ for Cirga. bocked with Silious's time, so she is talked with her to shift the time.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Greeter program

Here is BR greeter program for detail, send to some staff alrady,

If you can find people who is good for to do this work, you can give them to the text to them and intervew (like be sure again the rules and behavior) for her/him. After that, tell me her/his name to me. You should be for his/her mentor and teach her/him about store what you can see on body of the document. I can not definite answer but if people good enough, ask to work after past one month to him/her if they do good enough.

Additional note:

(April 11 Edited for ver 1.1, some discription not on body to keep easy document.)
*They can work 24/7 ... but tell them dont use like camp chair like AFK staying.
*For 5 clothes , if they bought all of clothes, I will refund 700 for it or they can wait till release new clothes.
*Staff can ask help for work to greeter, especialy their Mentor. If you want to help long term, tell to the Mentor who helping them about that.
*They can not place tip jar.
*L$50 for an hour for payment.

*Greeter program is not open on pubric, to reduce time for our staff.
*For additional, age limitation is country for adult contents, becouse few nudity around on store... In japan, 18, Canada for 19, I heard 19 to 21 on US...
*Ask them hide his/her group tag if they go another place as they for avoid confuse.

On April 11, we have 4 greeters, so we have more 2 right now.

BR Greeter Program (Ver 1.1) :

-What is the role of the Greeter?
The overall role of the Greeter is greeting all people who come to our store. You do not need to know very much about our store. You just need to talk to the customers like you would chat in a club, and help our staff. Basically, this program is to give a job opprotunity for people who are starting SL. You do not need to stay here all the time, you can explore the SL world at your leisure. :)

-Who can enter this program?
Some rules are:
1) People Who have not passed 3 months in world since their SL birthday.
2) 18 to 21(Depend on your living place what allows to adult contents) or higher in real life age, since the shop is in a mature area.
3) Who likes chatting with people.
4) Who can use polite language.
5) 6 greeters is the maximum number at any time.

-How can I join?
Ask our staff to join. Our staff will interview you to make sure you understand and can follow the rules in this document. S/he will gonna be your mentor to explain about store. They will ask the owner of the store and will notify you if you have been accepted.

-How long I can work?
The position is for one month from the date you start.

-What things shall I know at least?
Know the name of our store, and what we sell, just look around the store, and be able to use the teleporter to get around. Besides the store we also have a staff only room, a Spa, and a furniture store. Ask to our staff for a tour.

-How do I get paid?
When you get in the greeter program, June Dion will notify you via IM. You can find the Auto payment system in the store (left of main stage) and click it to clock in. You will get money after you leave the place or after one hour ($L50 for an hour). You can work over an hour for a day. Also, you can get 5 clothes when you start the program. Select any of the Bare@Rose clothes from the store, and IM June Dion for what you would like to get.

-What I shall not do
1) Do not be rude to people. If you find people who are being disruptive, notify our staff.
2) Do not be away from the keyboard for a long time (15min or more).

-Who shall I ask questions or if a guest has a question?
If you get a difficult question, pass it to our staff. You can find out who our staff is by the photos on the wall at the center of our HQ store. Please look around the store first, you might be able find Bare@Rose tagged people, half of them are staff (but half of them are vendors who sell items in the store). If no one is there, you can IM them, or use B@R Greeter group chat.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

New: Staff List

We have long term project but shorter then Ami chan's calender. We will starting make a book, what photo of all of staff with any of B@R clothes. The book work as sample of our clothes like small catalog too. Becouse of this remove panel on store but give away this book on store, also landmark giver on all of blanch and club where has it. Main manager for this project is Hinamori, but I will help to shoot photo and edit images. So, please prepare for this. :) THis book will keep update but long term, and if you like to intersting to help or idea for book make more good, ask to Hinamori please.

April 6 Update

New Products:
-Cutie Bob...My 2nd attempt hair, Short bob with 7 colors. Sending one to staff is no copy version and name is wrong, aslo hat included, But Seling one is no transfer but copy, no hat included. That notice puted on there as floating text.
-Black Lotus...Egoist line neo kimono, but made from scratch, adjust top brightness as update, sign will up later.
-Fire Butterfly..Kimono for male with fire looks butterfly. I know its bit girl-ish as result... Red and blue there.
-Scaret Fever...Request from Tori, named by Naomi. PVC type simple club wear. Shoes (no prims :p) included. 4 colors. Recomad to girls who has big tattoo on back.

-Wolf themed clothes by rquest.
-Metal Bikini and Skirt. (Leias outfits from starwars).-
Chon-mage(Samurai hair)
-Comando and Bio Engineer for male.
-Male hair or freebe hair.
-Buney AV for easter-New raffle ball item for Hina's event.
-Furry outfits for Van's event.

Shop Update:
-Raven Latrell joined to our greeter today. Please welcome new staff. :)
-Eponymous Trenchmouth joined as new vendor wall.

-No event this weekend, but Naomi-chan's event on spa, and Live DJ by 3 of them. :) Hina has Raffle ball trade event on 14 (8 to 10PM) and Van has event for furry. on next week though, :)
-Here is tool you can add advertise fot event on SL Butique.

Monday, April 03, 2006

April 3 Update

Was took lot of sleep in this weekend so not so much clothes relesed. :p

New Product:
-Crusader (Lady)...Girls version of Crusader, Same set of mens one but design is bit diffarent.
-Alraune...Hand drowing type clothes, themed for plant. Bit strangle looks. :p but this week's goth clothes. 3 colors with wings.
-Green Farm...Farmer girl outfits, with strawhat and fork, Fork has weapon script like the sword. :p
-Quick Draw 2...Burst Angel outftis, request from Hina. 3 colors of top included. Hina made maffler and starting sale.
-Jester Yu/Chaina Forest...Black and White clothes, only for April fool raffle ball, removed alrady. Not so much noticed one, so didnt send to staff. Tell me please if you need.
-Goth Swimwear...New raffleball item and for the Hina's event.

-Building short bob hair. but I think need more time to be much better looking.
-Pirates outfits, request by Bodhi's friend.
-Outfits for Pheonix spa for this month.

Shop Update:
-Topazesca Nino joined as our DJ, getting infomation from her for new sign. Some DJ asking us to play for fixed date, but 3 is enough in my opinion, becouse they will play random time eather. On event, organizer can use your friend of DJ though. :) After fixed time for event, I will post for them each week on event page.
-Bodhi will starting to live on our property.
-Naomi chan gave me bertender robot, thank you :D I will place on weekday becouse reduce lag. :)
-According to Aoife, Linden told her Wolof SIM has not so much laggy script right now. The lag by system of the SIM, so, we can not do anything for reduce more. Since three Linden come to our shop and event sometime for shopping as I know, looking forward to fix when they felt lag while shopping. :p

-Hina's event has been success, lot of people coming and exchange items, and enjoy the time with DJ. :) She will do this event each two weeks (April 14 is next) , this is not club type event so you can do that on the week. Also I will make new raffle ball item with this span.
-Van's event was neat! Lot of beatiful wings I could see. While the event, my internet system is broken and couldnt back again... so sorry I cant back and say nothing to leave...Looking Looking forward to next one. :)