Friday, March 31, 2006

March 31 Update

New Products:
-Crusader...New armor for men, Red/Yellow. Blue/Purple, Black/Sliver amd sward with script
included. There is discription on sward it self, here is how to use; hold on left mouse button and
use arrow keys. No sounds.
-Trival Gakuran...Long coat with trival pattern. White,Blue,Red trim. There is no description on
box but Cian base with red trim there for got color combination idea after made the image for
the box. Maybe works for girls too...

follow this time line as plan for this weekend.
-Crusader for girls.
-This week's goth clothes for girl.
-New Raffle ball item, use for Hina's event too for today (see the discription on her event).
-Free Wings for Van's event for tomorrow.
-Dallas's DJ sign for tomorrow.
-And then pending items what I mention previous...
-Ikuko Shirakawa asking me texture works, will talk more...
-Nature themed clothes, from Khalandar Truss

Hope I can do all of them without problem..

-Hina's event here, its today!

-Flux Woyseck, one of magazine editor on SL asking us to place the vendor, also interview for
issue 2. He asked me and staff for nude photo X) but I said no, if its just swimwear or semi would
be good :p
-One of freelance DJ asking us for play on shop, will do interview in this weekend.
-Hoshiko Takashi (Clothes designer) offer us to place vendor on our shop, will do interview in
this weekend.
-Casandra Jackson (Prim Food Designer) offer us to place vendor on our shop, will do interview
in this weekend. checked hi peoducts and looks nice. I told him restaurant idea with use his food on Serene Setting. No idea what it will going at this time.

-Sexy Partridge offer me vendor space for her mall/club (The Tomb). I will check there later.

Sharrow Dream:
-Changed time for Raffle ball by 600 sec, same with shop.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March 30 Update

New Product:-
Low Cut School...Request from Hina's friend from one of anime, arranged it, 4 colors of school outfits.
-WA Wedding...Request from Reizo, WA is short word to explain japanese style. Quick work so not so much good...

-Trival Gakuran..Almost done, mens clothes. Gakuran is school boy outfits.
-Farmer girl...Request from Dancer of Dreamer club. American style farmer I guess. I wlll make very basic one...
-Manga like cat AV.
-Burst Angel, Hina's request.
-BDSM/Goth style furniture (not toys..) or new hair.
-VIP house, goth style If I had time..

-Hina chan will do raffle ball event on this friday, infomation will come later.
-Vans event on Satruday! Hot Wings!

Shop Update:
-Added decolation on store, all of them are made as phantom to reduce lag. keep going...
-How many B@R clothes out on SL? Here is data how many clothes we are seling in a day (no free/L$1 counted).

March 20 252
March 21 234
March 22 258
March 23 269
March 24 182
March 25 223
March 26 262

1,681 Boxes total, 240 Average for a day. I donno why but not so much flicker of the number. Keeping around the number while 3 month with 5-10 clothes release for a week. so, about 7,400 boxes out for a month. I think least 30,000 of clothes without count free items on SL alrady. Thats mean not so uniqe now, but this is fun to know. :)

-Money!I dont like business much and I didnt care well but this is fun fact to know as working on B@R.As first, Our personnel expenses (includ DJ and event additonal) for a month is... about L$ 55,000. We have 7 managers/assistants, 4 dancers/musician, and 1 to 3 grerters, 2 to 3 DJs right now. Ok no more additional people X). Let' take look others. Advertisement fee is about 6,000 , Dreamland radio only, Im still love to to listen our shop name on radio! Land fee is $125, thats mean around L$ 40,000, and most impotant fee, upload fee is 5,000 around. Blanch and miscellaneous, like grey money like model payment/furniture/script/furniture is around 20,000. So, our running cost is around L$. 120,000 for a month.. This close of a week of proceeds. We have good break‐even point also ordinary profit. However, I can not boost making clothes more, I have still some idea but people will boring my design sooner or later, and I cant estimate what will happen becouse this is vertual world, so, keep this line or below would be good. I just want to say all of you guys, just do not do strike! do not allows to make labor union on B@R. :p and thank you again for helping every day. :)

Sharrow Dream:
-From advice by guest, made another part to made big pool and removed aztec spa...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

March 27 Update

New Products:
-Baron of The Orient...Mens dress lile prince, 2 colors nd goth version included.
-Reckless...Made by request, close of Dogwitch outfits, but arranged lot like everytime..
-Short Leather...Mens shor sleave leather, pants and 3 arrenged top (Plane, Goth, Punk, Rings) inclncluded.
-Simple Dots...50-60' mini skirt looks. 4colors. sunglass (re-build) included. Gave away on Van's event too.
-Spider Queen...goth dress, like Reckless + Demon's Bride. B/W and Brown.
-Batsu...Club wear, Batsu is cross as japanese but not the god symbol one, just the shape. White and Black, no thong.
-Tiddy..Comical Tiddy bear Avs. Special version of Paw Overall included.
-Tennyo 2...Made by request as full body tennyo. Kanji are Ten(Heaven,Luck,Sky)-Chi(Ground)-Hito(Human).3 important words for defeat. White for basic color, so can be tintable,and unisex.
-Sunguard..Rounin sunguard, with color change script.

Personnel Reshuffle:
-Aoife got title of Manager, better to talk with Linden for lag / problem on SIM with the title. She is keep contact with CoffeeLinden on your time (but I think cant meet her becouse time zone...) so She will know well about Wolof. :)
-Tori Heart Starting to work as Dancer. Welcome new friends. :) So, closed to get person except greeter.
-Amra, he made B@R Otaku group as personal. Its just fun group and I'dlike to willing to support them. :) Made uniform for him for the group.:p
-Invite Silious and Dallas to B@R member for place tip jar while DJing, and VIP officer to announce/invite.

Shop Update:
-Lag strake back! one of Linden checked our SIM and store, she tolde metexture are fine but laggy object on the SIM and gave me the list (withwhat Aoife got before). (Im suprise she come to wearing our clothes, shesaid some Linden coming to buy our clothes on his/her alt charactor) .On the list, one of things are Lovers Cove(Spa on sharrow dream) so removedthem. Another 5 items are placed on another property on the SIM so cannot do something for them.. but its less then harf of heavey script onthe SIM consider from two month ago. So we havent any of heavey scriptright now. :D
-Changed Animation ball color to match for our store, Dark Brown for man, Light Brown for weman.
-Placed Teleporter to PvP zone.
-Placed Vote terminal, I dono what exactry works, just getting vote number via email...
-Easy instruction to fixed blurred clothes for newbe, tell them read there, thank you for Sil for the help...!
-Rocky Sasson(Japanese friend) and Sibele Ingmann(Friend from starting SL) join to the wall for thir vendor.

Sharrow Dream:
-Becouse kill lag, removed huges spa, and making new one as my self asless lag. Shape and animation ball, also set sexgen Cuddle kit puted ona rock, there was my fav place, so, I will keep work for it till I canget relax. :) Give me sugegstion too, thanks.
-neighbor getting item from raffle ball, he told me he dont care, but the raffle ball move to cornerto cover Serene Setting.
-Changed Animation ball color to match for the spa, Dark Green for man, Light Green for woman.

-Vai starting to living cneter of the house.

-Akasha Tower close the door, they are continue to do club business.
-Keep contact with Expose people to replace vendor, but can not meet him yet..
-Doley rebuilding as goth place. Will place vendor there again..

-Silious Backbite Starting DJ for fixed time. sign on our store. Support her please. :)
-Thank you for Van the event, the SIM was crashed two times X) but people were having fun!
-Naomi chan's event coming on Phoenix Spa. Also dont miss to go Tuseday's event on there what we supporting...

-Planning to change staff photo for more good :p I will do that when I got good idea for it.
-Sometime I got question want to see the looks mens clothes on girls, ifsomeone make the thing as any form scratch( book like albam fof screenshot, vendor machine type and etc.. low lag is important) , please letme know, I will pay for the work. :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March 22 Update

New Products:
Empress of Night...Goth dress, Black and red included, naughty bit on breast, so, carefull to sale.
Wuv Bat...Goth lori dress, made from EoN, was thinking for additional of it but going to change design lot but price is low then it. This is new category so keep going to try to another. Pink and White included.
Sports Girl...Casual, with micro hot pants.
Mini House...First attempted house, made for fitting room. Design is refer from Shirakawa gou, one of world heritage on my rural district(bit far though but same). This one is seling on next of there as L$75. Thenk you for hurrly to give me door script. I will make bigger size of house when I got time...

Made very small village at next of Seren stting with the mini house. Still no idea to make something on open space, becouse of it, Put house there to live. All staff can use here to live if he/she has not land till make something or expand store. :p Sorako and Chroma starting to living there now, so, let me know if you have interesting to live there, dont need any pay. Give you house and you can modify it. I dont care if you have house alrady anywhere if you like there. :)

Build at behind of store. The area is possible to dead so be carefull. I donno how fun is PvP but use for testing weapon or something, also please ask to people who fighting in store. would be exciting for them. :p Looking for radio startion match for fighting now. :)

Van's event coming at March 24, 50' Style! alrady made sign for her so sign will come soon on store. :)

Shop Update:
-Fitting room has been changed to new mini house.
-Huge /small stepping‐stones added for store for decoration.
-Light box for shooting on store, but for reduce lag, will remove once and keep them till made VIP room.
-Best seling items for last Satrday and Sunday. Very old clothes, Ginryu is starting to sale lot again.
1) Chaina Forest 24
2) Silver Phoenix 16
3) Check Lori 15
4) Deep Forest/Ginryu/ Sakura koi Uta 14
5) Genbu/High Priest 12
6) Mono Horn/The Scorpion/Assasin/Simple Black 10

SL especialy our SIM is laggy now after the update, its not by script this time, any problem what we can not fix by ourself there on SIM now. Also some prim with particle script will gone so be carefull if you going to build something here (prims still there but cant grab...). Also, some of friend on list removed at once after the patch. My friend asked to Linden then they said this is problem by database messed up when they made new SIM with new patch. All of problm are come with this maybe.. Just keep report to Linden when you got heavy lag. thank you, :)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

March 20 Update

Thank you for take care for me, I will ok for now. :)
Here is update for this 10 days:

New Products:
-Exotic Leotard...Request from Akira, Outfits from Starwars Galaxies, white, black and red included. On SWG, can not be red on

-Iron Heart...Assasin 2. Goth+BDSM looks. Blind fold included.
-Black Dragon...Dragon looks outfits and parts. Nothing special except eye blinking from another.Just met some dragon AV guys,

so tried to make this. Shape included but possible to wear by girls shape I guess...
-Egret...Request from Druid. Angel feather version of Crystal Angel. Click to turn off/on wing's blinks. White and blue shade.
-Flower Note...Casual one peace style skirt for spring season. Pink, sky blue, wine available.
-Chaina Forest...Chainese dress with open center. 4 colors.
-Deep Forest...Celtic version of Chaina Forest. 2 colors.
-Sakura Koi Uta...Kimono for spring. Title mean is Sakura(Cherry Blossom) Koi(Love) Uta(Song).
-High Priest...Black and white robe with cross for men.
-Dark Paw...Black suit for furry, evil+cute style, mens clothes.
-Mono Horn...Goth outfits, 3D material used like Chrono. Prims attachement included.
-Black Basket...Easter basket for black bunny with holding script.
-Sliver Phoenix...Mens long coat, 2 colros with mesh.
-Pink Phoenix...Girls casual, very far from the original, but Yuffy's clothes from Final Fantasy.. I think Tizzy will not notice it...
-Spider Web...New raffle ball item.

Shop update:
-Teleporter for staff room: you can find corner of east, around vending machine.
-Bagu Popinjay, he was working as volantieer, but he is very good to do and help us lot our shop / sharrow dream. So, starting pay

for him. Also he was help me to back to work, I dont say lot this time, but sometime I will. :)
-Misha Eusebio starting to do greeter. Elys friend, and very nice person. :) Stella Takashi asking me too.. and Zore's friend. Angela

is busy right now becouse she got kids, Eyal Fish will done for one month program soon, so we can have two, so I think enough

greeter we have now. please stop to get greeter till next month.
-Sililos Backbite will do random DJ for every weekend like Dallas. She was done well for Hina's birthday party(forgive me, its done

when I get the idea so dont telling all of you guys). :) Also Vai considering to start DJ.
-Druidess Bunnyhug leave the work once, Asking to get new dancer to Aoife now, we have not much dancer right now... I made

new dancing floor, so I like to see people dancing there more then now since havent seen lot who dancing there...Its my small

dream. :p
-Raffle balll turn to range for 90m and shout for prize, dotn shout on Sharrow dream on but 90m for range to cover Seren

Setting. If another neighbor dont complain about it, will keep it.
-Ami chan coming to Japan in real life now, so can not log in SL.
-Almost done for new decoration for BR, change the fitting room then done once, going this decoration till past season of cherry

-Miss to delete floor of staff room X). I will try to fix them as my self later...
-New Light box with effects script on staff room, effects included, I will make VIP skybox, need to be find script what allow to

teleport only for group. I wil lask to Aoife first becouse she starting to work for script. Also reception desk there. will decoration

more later, but please stay on shop to help people as you can possible. :p
-Pose box on staff room, same system with dance box on floor. Use them for modeling.
-Akira's Misc Vendor and a shoes vendor joined. Also Tenshiko is back too. and Aoife starting to sale. The East wall is almost full (

need keep space for new products). Also I found Alna's vendor.
-Teleporter put around on store for Sharrow Dream and Seren Setting.
-Payment system done for adjusting... Added staff for join, Removed staff to know the system. This system seems to be scanning

around so, if people getting lag much then before, consider to remove it..
-We got first banned guy, used ventriloquism script and people let them talk stupid things. Tori noticed me when he use the

script, small partcicle show around the body so got him.

Seren Setting:
-Zore named this furniture place. Lance keeping update there.
-Moved all my furniture for seling to there.

Sharrow Dream:
-By my misstake, gather the land with store's land.. Hard to subdivide there.. Becouse of it and new place, changed discription of

the shop.

-Asking Hina / Zore to Raffle ball items exchange event on Seren Setting.
-Van planning new event, coming more soon. :)

-Ami starting calender project with long term. All female got from notcard from her, if not, ask to Ami please when she is back

from travel.
-Torley Linden intoroduce our shop on Snapzilla. Also he was visit Sharrow Dream and took Ami-chan's picture.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Im fatigued to be June Dion, being taking rest now. Im getting better but please give me couple of days to rest. Thank you...

Friday, March 10, 2006

March 10 Update

New Products:
-Dream Weaver...Black Dress with star and moon hole on breast. mini and long skirt included.
-Simple Black...Lot of guys loves simple black suit, so, made this.
-Red Alert...Goth dress... hmmm no comment for it X).
-Byakko...White tiger coat, for male mainly. Byakko is white tiger, one of gurdian of china legend, friend of Genbu. Seiryu, and Suzaku will coming later as male outfits...
-Green Ninjya...Give away outfits for Pheonix spa.

Shop update:
-We got Feb DIA again. thank you every one :D, pay back to staff as this week's payment.
-The payment system working, but its seems to be give more then one hour payment though if touch again, I will adjust them this weekend...
-Naomi chan out of town about two weeks becouse busy in real life. But she will come to online few time when she got time. hope to meet her again more soon. :)
-Lance/Zore/Hina done for furniture place, possible to open on this weekend.

-Yuffy from final fantasy, from Tizzy
-Keep going to make Angel outftis, request form Drui jewel.
-something goth for mens
-Formal dress, might be come to pics later from who asked me.
-Kamikaze jacket, I donno what this is X) asking her.
-One peace skirt.

Ok, happy weekend every one!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March 7 Update

New Product:
-Kunoichi-B...Raffle ball item, Removed colored leather from the A outfits. B is just B of alphabet this time. :p
-Four Leaf...Free item for Van's event, green top of Zipped Up with symbol.

Shop Update:
-Auto payment system...I placed auto payment system on shop for dancer, musician and greete. The system will pay money if you stay 1 hour there (Radius is 90m from the device, It's coverd store) everyday. Also This will Apply to Bodhi and Chroma who working as free till now. I think Druidess is stoped playing while.. havent seen her while...

Assistant or Manager are not changed, but if you like this system, I will apply with some inclear payment more then 1 week payment as totaly, if you are works everyday on the week one hour each. please let me know if you have intresting it. For Sharrow Dream, only Van apply right now, so if another guy join there, I will consider to add this system.

-Last weekend seling:
Bodhi asked me one of person of date, hmm but privacey thing so better to be close for the infomation. Most person who bought items on a day is 36 items for last weekend.As additional infomation, here is ranking for last weekend seling.

1. Medusa 27
2. Eye Cry 'Tear of Life' 25
3. Spring Flowers 23
4. High Slit 2 19
5. Genbu 13

Next standing:City of Vampire/Kunoichi A 10
Goth Wings/Elements/Long Back Apron/Black Capricorn 9

-Done for sign of Van's event.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

March 6 Update

New Products:

  1. -Elements...Fifth Element like outfits by order. good as swiming suit or dance outfits. Green on it.
  2. -Medusa...Dark witch outfits by order, lot of diffarent from original image though...
  3. -Spring Flowers...Lacey top and pants. Underwear as basicaly but possible to be casual. Green on it.
  4. -Open Back...Order from Dragon(my old friend from SWG), Long formal dress but open the back wide. Green color on it.
  5. -Harajyuku Punk 2...Re-build from scratch as new version. Geen on it, since original skirt files is broken, can not make another color anymore,,,
  6. -Black Capricorn...Constellation seriase for male. Used eye blinking script.
  7. -Jerjey...Sports wear with 6 kind of variation. Good for old school rapper style.


  1. -Sign for Van's event and outfits.
  2. -Pheonix spa's outfits.
  3. -Harf Angel outfits from Druid Jewel.
  4. -Simple black jacket for mens.-Leather patched clothes.
  5. -Goth is won on the poll, gonna make some through the week.
  6. -Hina working for newbe guild for shop(how to use camra controll, how to wear clothes and etc..).


-Ami-chans event went well, and sorry for I gone during the event becouse of wedding for friends... By the way, I could'nt answer all questions. X)

-Few people asked me renew party, since thinking layout still, lets planning it after done. Anyway need to set up furniture place, Ami-chan gone for travel so after she back would be nice. :)


  1. -Expand for main shop is done as place,Thank you for Lance, Zore and Hina for help lots, but still thinking to layout, becouse too flat.. myabe some pillar and decoration would be good with unique design what not on SL.
  2. -Made new logo sign. but simple logo is always for us.
  3. -Hide 3 items on store fo sale, Red Armor/Pisatol on Head pose/Kon doll. If someone ask them, find with him/her with fun. :p
  4. -Well done couple table and russian rulet table added.-Naomi chan's band set on floor, till get new layout. :p Thats looks good and people playing with fun with them. :)
  5. -Considering auto payment system for greeter.


-Pink Kunoichi-A by request.


-Akasha Tower(Govindira Galatea) give us free vendor space. Placed items and sign on first level. Thank you very much!


-Got offer of interview from SL Newspaper: Metaverse Messenger(Costus Cela). If decided time to meeting, I will ask to our staff to help who is online the time.-Something need for open place. :p Im thinking to make: 1) VIP Club house(B@R VIP only. special version of item seling like transparent angel, white meaw and such) 2) Event Area, Raffle ball item trade area (Asking Hina for doing the event constantly, pleace for people exchange raffle ball items) 3) Small club: No idea what club would be good. 4) something nice :p

Thursday, March 02, 2006

March 2 Update

Starting to make green clothes!

New Product:
-Eye Cry 'Tear of Life'...Goth Dress plus casual combination with a thema of eye tear and roses. As a message, your tears grow your rose.. I know personal poem things are people hate. :p but I was try to made this outfits as poem meets clothes like a picture
with a thema. uh, Dont throw me stones. X)

Shop Update:
-We got harf of SIM of Wolof. Becouse of it, I have planning to expand shop in this weekend. just made shop bigger so without close the shop but some people might be sandwitch by wall while building so bit dengerous. :p

Sharrow Dream:
-Bagu Popinjay join for sharrow dream massager.

-Van's upcoming event here:
I will make free outfits when close the event, or use clothes what used on Ami's.

Keep reducing X)
-Left from Atlantice mall.
-Left from Shamrock mall.
-Doley mall going to rebuild, so removed all of items there.

-Long Baby Doll...combination of baby doll and casual, almost done, maybe out in tomorow morning on SL.
-Genbu..Male outfits for goth+japanese. Genbu is one of tortoise shaped gurdian in japan.
-Fifth element outfits...order from Morigan
-Naughty dark witch...order from Reizo
-Quiz Master...gto idea from Ami chans event, flashy male jacket.
-Green Ninjya...for Pheonix Spa event
-Green Last Boy/Girl...for Ami's event.

-Here is list what best seling item nowadays(especialy Armor, sold 9 on stipend day on last) as old clothes (not on list what I made in a month). Tell guest if they ask recomand :).
Armor/Assasin/Ami-Ami/Black Bunny/Bloody Merry/City of Vampire/Demon's Bride/Fire Doll/Underworld