Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oct 26 Update

Club Arsheba event, we got 90 people as maximum on SIM, Furnation event, 75 people on SIM. You guys rock, Ami and Ely :) Also Van's event and Raffle for Hina is went well without trouble and got close to 30k trafic, thank you. :) And... yes, every one loves, Halloween is coming! In Japan, its called Obon, and alrady done, but yes, I love pumpkin suop, and ghost stuff, and some candy! so lets me join with it :p

New Products:
-Chidori...Chidori word is from tie, called 'Chidori gara' (houndstooth check). Chidori is plover soJapanese are looking birds instead of tooth in it. Well, the clothes tye is very popular in Tokyo like least 4-5 girls wear it a day, but coming to cold today, so fashion will changing from today I think. After the took photo for models, they tried with long pants and looks good, so steal it too. :p
-Cosmos...Also popular in tokyo style. Japanese girls love the style around the season, around fall, but yes winter is close enough alrady X).
-Leo Fascinate...Havent seen pants in boots outfits on SL is starting point, Harf leo fur jacket and shirts, based from Arsheba shirts.
-Devilkin/Demonkin...Devilkin for girls, Demonkin for boys, something deco lots goth wanted make with latex material what I was thinking before, not so much unique looks at all so added for hair for girls, and horns for boys. WIll thinking to the trim to use new clothes likes Demon's Bride later :p
-Prince of Orient...Goth coat. Kinda like flex version of Prince of East, becouse of it, people will need adjust skirt... So please assist if new player bought it.
-Arsheba Uniform...Low-cut top and french cut thong, build as new stuff totaly, so will use for future prodcuts with this base.
-Tartan Tartan Pumpkin...Final round for TT I hope X), this is freebe for the Halloween event, combination with Jack-O-hat, If you are staff, Ask to Vivi to get it but dont wear before the event except cheking. If any problem there, please let me know. Outfits for mens wil coming next.
-Jack O Sentry...Dark Sentry + Bone Rider and yes, freebe for the Halloween event :)
-Shinjyuku Jack...Free Clothes for Van's event, possible to be unisex.
-Fake T shirts and Denim for Hallowin event...Shirts and pants, followed by Vivi's words.
-Ghost..New raffle item, miss to place a texture to Death and find the methof accidently. possible to make colored. but another time I will :)
-Vincent...Special outfit for the raffle, what got some request. Im stil havent seen the movie so was lot of diffarent parts on my first items :p. Thank you for Alan for fix prims lot. X) I will make some winter coat with this mantle.

-Now working for otaku casual(actualy tartan shirts) for boys. possible to go punk Im not sure.. Texture made as full body turtan cat suit, so.. if anyone intrest it, I will try to brash up as another line,
-Mini business suit.
-Arsheba White Unifrom.
-Wolf tooth necklace/earing
-Gold trims winter clothes (fantasy style) by request.
-Huge hand outfits, aslo have request about it, original one working by Haven.
-School unifrom for girls with flex skirt.
-Tiger or snake skin outfits.
-Goth and Japanese wedding, need some design idea in my mind.
-Regular version of Beast AO by request, done for harf but stopping X)
-Celtic monster, got idea while reading Halloween stories.

-And Big event coming this weekend, Halloween :D Starting prepare and decoration(You can see bunch of pump alrady). Please ask help to Vivi for the work, if you have time thank you :)
-Furry Halloween event on this satrday, after Van's event.
-Barbie Club will do joint event on this weekend, person in charge is Ami.
-Naomi planning Lori event, detail will more to come later.

-Nagaya, one of Japanese comunity offer us space. We havent sotre on any japanese concern now so would be good :p

-Bare Rose radio will open from Nov. I have no idea how to run :p, but our DJ's will use it, the station is 100 people capability, so possible to covered all over SIM, and when I got chance, run auto music play program with voice infomation about store, like what item we have and intoroduce our SIM for our guest. If I could contract any of DJ, Will announce weekly event, and taking order for mall vendor's advertisement cheep(few money additionak and only for DJ's act payment). I guess no store there what doing this yet.. Also dont know anyother SIM to use this service. so, Any problem might be there :p
-Advertisment for SL Business is done good by professional designer, Dalian and our staff combination, also Haven, thank you for everyone to help to make them :) Some staff's photo did not used(even mine :p) but good shots also so, I will use as another one with it :) You can see it around Freebe area.
-Article about new branch on Furnation by Metaverse Messenger, Event report come later:,%20but%20i%20think%20hard%20to%20see%20it and can see how many we got. (Old station is just send result to me.) Staff dont need to vote this station, just let it to guest.
-Testing model lighting attachment, with use film shooting method.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oct 19 Update

Ok to busy in this week for RL and SL X)
Becouse of 6 events we have this week.
sorry for small infomation this week, but I promiss to done all of prepare till events.

Lot of works for this week as freebe again :p
-B@R Name That Game Oct.20 ?
*To Do...Payment clear for it, and prize check.
-Club Arsheba SIM Grand Opening party, Oct.20 from 5PM to 7PM, Ami is person in charge.
*To Do...Arsheba Dancer Uniform. need to make rough sketch first.
-B@R Raffle Trade, Oct.20 from 8PM to 10PM, Hina is person in charge.
*To Do...New Raffle / Cosplay
-B@R Raffle Trade, Oct.21 from 7AM to 8:30AM, June is person in charge.
*To Do...New Raffle / Cosplay
-B@R Octbafesta October 21 from 5PM to 6:30PM, Van is person in charge.
*To Do...Done for all of prepare, except Van's Deco.
-Furnation Big event, October 21 from 8PM to 10PM, Ely is person in charge.
*To Do...Danceing stage, make smaller version for the event place.
-B@R Furry Event, October 22 from 8PM to 10PM, Ely is person in charge.
*To Do...All Done for prepare.
Next Week's Special...
-Barbie Club BR Party, Oct.28 from 9PM to 11PM, Ami is person in charge.
*To Do...Send Tokens to Ami.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oct 12 Update

Was thank you for coming the meeting :) Infomation are telling on this blog but dont meet each other lot so guess it was good time. We dont have plan for next meeting at this time, but I'd like to do party for staff maybe early of December, becouse the Xmass should be busy in rl, also store we are. :p

-On meeting, We have a issue what we should lead more people to our mall. As this solution, we are starting build L$10 store on Timeless Catsle. The way follow to mall so people wil lstop around I hope. ETA is early of next month, we are starting to build by staff for it.
-Added group hug ring on center.
-Texture share bord, Almost images are logo(if someone need it to make sign and such) and free texture what I made for your building, if you are in BR staff, you can pick up from the bord in staff room. (Remove sometime for lag reduce).

-Exotic dress, almost done, will out soon.
-Katana scar tattoo, alrady done, will place to L$10 Store.
-Ethnic casual for girl.
-Gun holes denim for mens.
-Cyber punk casual.
-Turtan Turtan Pink by request, additional is house :p for first time, but not all of guys have land, would be Yukata type Kimono I will add.
-Blue dragon concern outfits by request.
-Chinese type hair for mens.
-Some Japanese clothes.. and kunoichi, Still no design idea yet.
-Hallowin event stuff X)

-Bone Bike for one of hallowin free item.
-Got offer from Barbi club to make uniform. Waiting to get logo for it.

-Japanese high school rp group offer us vendor, waiting reply.
-A medieval rp group offer us uniform(seling clothes) and vendor, will talk them later on this weekend.

-Van's weekly event, I got planning from her what event schedule till end of this year. Sign made done till november, will work December sign later.
-Ely's Furry event, Furry team done well in script-less world in last week. :) Also made Kitty Demon what only for winner,
-Reminder: We got part of Club Arsheba SIM Grand Opening party, Oct.20st from 5PM to ?, Ami is person in charge.
-Reminder:Furnation Big event, October 21st from 8PM to 10PM, Ely is person in charge.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oct 5 Update

We will have first meeting on this weekend, Since some new staff around, Just know each other and what will happen. Hina will announce about the time. But this is not duty for staff, just few more detail for things what not on this blog and if you can come. :)

Some event related work remain some X)...
-Simple Dress, I couldnt tell friend when his wife need one X) but.. its might be not so simple.. still building...
-Pumpkin avator.
-Bone suits for mens.
-Something armor with cyber taste for mens.
-New Shinobi, stil planning design.
-Casual, Layered
-Normal middle age suits for mens
-Hallowin event item for end of month.
-2 new regular outfits for Furnation event.
-raffle special item
-raffle regular item
-Club Arsheba Freebe

-Ranking 10 on last month here;
1. ::: B@R ::: Dark Sentry Lady
2. ::: B@R ::: Dark Sentry
3. ::: B@R ::: Black Nymph
4. ::: B@R ::: Paladin
5. ::: B@R ::: Cavalier (Shoes)
5. ::: B@R ::: Leather Knight
7. ::: B@R ::: White Jump
8. ::: B@R ::: Age of Dragon
9. ::: B@R ::: Gold Heart
10. ::: B@R ::: Ivory Roses
Dark Sentry is sold more then 2 times then Ivory Rose, also about 100 diffarence from ranking 2, possible to be popular ever X) Anyway love to see when couple wearing the clothes each other :)
-Considering hire new Since some German friends around nowadays, keep support the language for them.
-Added radio, Gri(furry event)
-Staff room turn to dressing room, fitting room might be going like that too, and more noticable.

-Placed branch on Furnation Alpha, Blendy BDSM SIM(Limited time), PonyGirl SIM (the jocky outfits only).

-Sunday Furry event, this event gonna be weekly if we can do :)
-2 Raffle trade, we have German infomation now.
-Comic night, I couldnt get the event for freebe, so prize is 1000 each for this time.
-Name that game? will Zore asking to Cigra.